Science Battle

August 10, 2021

Science Battle

Padmini Arhant

It’s about time for reason and rationale to prevail over persistent denial due to political impunity. 

Science is caught in the battle between facts and fiduciary leaving the vast population in the world, the victims of the lab manufactured and leaked SARS COV2 virus having devastated millions of lives and upended normal living. 

Those who have been directly involved i.e. the NIH and NIAID via Eco Health promoting and funding the controversial Gain of Function Research and the worst being at the Wuhan Virology Institute in China – the epicenter of the COVID-19 absolved of any responsibility is a severe blow to humanity at large. Notwithstanding the unacceptable exemptions to the rule of law that are otherwise strictly enforceable on ordinary citizens in society. 

In allowing the crime against humanity – the bioengineered virus unleashed on human population for diverse agenda besides profiteering considering the NIH deal with then unknown vaccine manufacturer Moderna in 2015 supposedly in preparedness for the potential pandemic in the immediate future is extreme and irreconcilable catastrophe for Science and politics.

Is it surprising that Moderna – one of the three major vaccine producers in the United States share price at the pandemic onset in March 2020 tethering at $17 – $22 skyrocketed to $456.76 today within 18 months reaping over $2686 % in stock value?

All of this at the cost of enormous human lives and economic collapse that could never be compensated for in the United States and worldwide. 

It is beyond comprehension that the forces covering up the pandemic origin and cause continue to mislead humanity in their unconscionable act and determined to subject innocent lives to death and malady arising from the deliberate indulgence in the name of Science.

The lack of initiative barring few members in the United States Congress such as Dr. Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from the great state of Kentucky pursuing the investigative congressional hearing, the remaining members misplaced priority and/or abstinence in this regard is deeply regrettable. The current congress in the United States preference to subdue the ongoing congressional hearing on COVID-19 emergence and aftermath should be a major concern for the constituents and electorate on either side of the political aisle including the Apolitical nationwide for the pandemic has been non-discriminatory in virulence i.e. affecting humans and lifestyle actively and passively across the spectrum. 

Above all, the Gain of Function Research and similar scientific adventures left unchecked despite the cataclysmic impact providing further opportunity for rising powers in the world stage to utilize them for purposes other than scientific cure and prevention of life threatening ailments is ominous in partial or holistic approach. 

Science is a natural gift that has unfortunately become the arsenal witnessed and experienced in the form of bioweapon against mankind. The blatant trend using science against humanity by any ambitious power to rein control over the world at large is dangerous and reprehensible. The contemporary actions raise the red flag to deter such audacious and egregious undertaking now or in the future.

Reaching the bottom of COVID-19 from Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and the chain link is absolutely essential not only from scientific perspective but also in defining United States position and leadership role in dealing with crises of all dimensions and dynamics in the global arena. Accordingly, the bipartisan thorough investigation of COVID-19 would categorically clarify the political and humanitarian interest one way or another. 

Any resistance and reluctance from the elected representatives in the United States in the conclusive determination of COVID-19 evolving into global pandemic would leave vacuum setting bad precedence for abuse of science and other detrimental factors aimed at depopulation and delusional goals. 

The global citizens rising to the occasion in seeking the pandemic inquiry to the fullest extent is the fundamental duty and obligation for the revival of a free world. The unanimous global efforts is paramount to dispel misinformation and misrepresentation intended to leave the world in the dark shunning the real and natural science for profits and proclivity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






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