Science and Sports

January 13, 2022

Science and Sports

Padmini Arhant

What is the correlation between science and sports?

Science and sports are adventures in their respective fields involving mind, body and spirit coordination. 

Unfortunately, science in the onset of the pandemic as an exception with inconsistency in public health protocol and guidelines leading to questionable reliability in preventing and containing the pandemic proved a misguided adventure in COVID19 mitigation. 

Whereas sports like Skydiving as drawn analogy with pandemic instructions in late night comedy monologue is a direct contrast in reality. 

Skydiving instructors and skydivers engage in the activity that might be viewed extreme by some or many after knowing and understanding the risks and safety mechanisms of the act. 

In other words, the skydivers are fully briefed and provided comprehensive information on the activity with complete and full liberty to exercise discernment and discretion to change the mind until the last minute before taking the dive. 

The skydivers with skydive instructors are aware of the pros and cons factoring the calculated risks / hazards with security as the most important consideration. There is no force, coercion or solicitation of any kind. The involvement is entirely voluntary accepting sole responsibility for the decision. 

In comparison, the pandemic recommendations are mandatory and the minimal to major risks in the prescribed methods are expected to be absorbed entirely by the individual expected to follow the mandate.

The pandemic public health directions thus far has been wavering from one extreme to another with more speculations than specifications.

Furthermore, unlike skydiving rule, the pandemic advice accommodates no choice in individual determination of personal well being.

Accordingly, the pandemic handling thus far has been anything but reassuring in the much anticipated herd immunity via fully vaccinated or naturally infected means regarded the saving grace in ending the health disaster in recent memory. 

Amidst confusion and chaos, science and human population are victims of arbitrary positions maintained to suit political narrative rather than scientific resolution. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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