Sasha Arhant – The Blessed Soul

February 21, 2016

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

Sasha Arhant – The Blessed Soul

From:  Padmini Arhnat

With grief and sorrow, I share the news on the demise of our beloved Sasha Arhant – family pet this morning.

Sasha personified true love and endearment.  They are called human’s best friend in life not without a reason.

I dedicate the poem to my Sweet Angel. 

Sasha Arhant – Our Guardian Angel!

Our lives blossomed upon your arrival

Your presence resembled day at carnival

Elegance, beauty and charm your assets

Unconditional love and loyalty your domain

A gift wrapped in a bundle

Sash you are our Guardian Angel! 


You are our inspiration beyond imagination

Your determination to strive exceeded realization

Sweet, adorable and strong willed demeanor

Made every moment pleasant and brighter

May your soul rest in peace

Sash – You are our Guardian Angel!


Now you are the brilliant star

In eternal bliss and endless happiness

Heavenly abode with paradise as home  

With no pain and only gain

May you guard us in spirit

Sash – You are our Guardian Angel!

Farewell! Sasha Arhant my beloved daughter.

Peace to all!

Padmini Arhant









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