Russian Ceasefire and Withdrawal from Ukraine

March 17, 2022

Russian Ceasefire and Withdrawal from Ukraine

Padmini Arhant

President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is a terrible loss for Russia and Russian citizens unnecessarily subject to death and devastation.

The original intention to eliminate specific targets in Ukraine now expanded well and beyond civilian areas is a blowback for Russian leadership caught in the quagmire that could be brought to conclusion at the moment. 

Russia is under severe economic crises experienced at the onset and during the global pandemic. The economic and financial situation is now exacerbated in the ongoing war against Ukraine attracting economic sanctions. 

The current warfare against Ukraine is a major economic liability for Russia. Not to mention the casualties suffered on Russian side reportedly creating the most undesirable consideration among Russian authority to recruit mercenaries and fringe elements from Libya and Syria to fight in Ukraine.

This is a very dangerous move for Russia and best abandoned as the result of such endeavor in Libya and Syria inevitably proved dismal and disastrous for recruiters of these types to fight the war.

Similar operation in Iraq with United States and NATO hired Blackwater was a phenomenal blunder with massacre and human rights violations committed without any checks and balances to human or economic cost in that foreign invasion. 

President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is costing the Russian economy heavily with food supplies and essential goods running low, the domestic status is dire. The shortage of military hardware spare parts and components seemingly affecting Russian combat capability. 

As mentioned earlier on this site, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine has transformed into Kremlin’s war on Russian citizens and Russian economy.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin has the opportunity to save Russia from excruciating economic catastrophe that Russia is being led into right now with extravagant military aggression against Ukraine. 

The recognition of tsunami of problems blindsided by personal goals endanger the nation and authority. Those who ventured in this direction in the past and recent memory have met with colossal failure and unmitigated challenges thus far. It is not going to be different this time or in the future. 

Russian intellect, prudence and pragmatism awakening in society is critical to end the conflict in Ukraine. 

The entire nation of Russia silenced over the single authority’s adamant position to invade a sovereign nation is a fatal error reflected in the battle ground and economic reality. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin rejecting violence for peace is urgent and saving grace for Russia.

The Russian President’s direct engagement with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for peaceful resolution is the immediate course to prevent further damages to Russian economy and importantly save lives all around in Ukraine and Russia. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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