Russia – Hegemony Mirror Reflection Confirm Self-Deception

March 20, 2014

By Padmini Arhant 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Please tell the world – Who is the fairest of all?

The mirror responded with a smile – The self-proclaimed monarchy with Kings, Queens and Zars representing Kingdoms and Fiefdoms thriving on opulence at taxpayers’ expense,

The monetary institutions viz. the Federal Reserve in the United States, Bank of England, ECB, EC, EU, the Deutsche Bank, IMF, the World Bank and alike stranglehold on individual and global economy depleting national treasuries attributed to economic bankruptcy, poverty, hunger and disease,

The Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations comprising oligarchy, plutocrats, political dynasties and imperial remnants dictating foreign policy or, 

The self-created hierarchy such as P5 + 1 – permanent members of the United Nations Security Council holding veto power for territorial annexations and unfettered access to natural resources  – The combined forces leaving behind misery, melancholy and mayhem since time immemorial could not be the fairest in the world when they rank the worst of all parallel to none.

Following the article on Ukraine – One Nation, Independent and Indivisible with Liberty And Justice for all  – published on the website i.e.,

The hegemony contemporary leading actor Russia was prompted to expedite Crimean seizure from Ukraine.

Accordingly, the Russian authorities influenced Crimean officials to appoint new pro-Russian Premier Sergei Aksyonov exerting authority over security, political and economic structure in the region in utter disregard for Ukraine constitution while proudly claiming the action in concurrence with Russian Federation Constitution.

The swift transition of Crimea from original semi-autonomous region nonetheless governed by Ukraine constitutional law to independent state to justify hastened referendum and thereafter declared sovereign state of Russian Federation with a treaty signed by Russian authority incorporating Ukraine’s southeastern territory as part of Russia. 

Ukraine crisis began with legitimate leadership and government headed by President Viktor Yanukovych declining to sign the Association Agreement with EU in lieu of economic ties with Russia.

The Ukrainian President patriotic stance not only cost the leader’s job but also the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity with hegemony representatives’ pretentious standoff dramatized to convince impressionable minds and captive audience when in reality the complicity amongst them overshadow the scripted performance.

Russia’s initial reaction to Ukraine unrest was the post Soviet Russia not interested in meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs and nevertheless got involved explaining the move as protecting Russian assets and interests in Crimea.

Prior to Russian troop deployment around 16,000 in Crimea, the Crimean members in Parliament openly extended support to Ukrainian President Yanukovych urging the deposed government as lawful governing body.

Furthermore, the pro-Russian President Yanukovych was never favored by Russia despite the Ukrainian leader’s commitment to forge trade relations with the neighbor. 

Again, the Ukrainian President and family lives being threatened by hegemony organized elements in Kiev, they sought refuge in Russian port city Rostov on don across Crimea.

The Ukrainian leader during the first press conference since violent removal from power expressed that Crimea was governed by Ukraine constitution with Crimean political representation in Ukraine Parliament.

Upon recommendation to reinstate Ukrainian government led by President Viktor Yanukovych to defuse political turmoil in the embattled state, Russian foreign ministry rejected the proposal as not suitable.

The showdown between major powers constituting hegemony is farcical considering preconceived destabilization goals shared among them to split Ukraine to respective participants advantage.

United States and EU installed groups in Kiev to advance economic strategy and Russia in southeastern border taking possession of Crimea reveals coordinated efforts in disintegration process. 

Besides Russia’s consistent cooperation with western partners on international issues enumerated in the preceding article on this website titled – Russia is Hegemony Trump Card to Rescue Imminent Imperialism Decline on March 17, 2014,

Russian economic and EU energy interdependency could not be underestimated and there is recognition on both sides in this context.   Accordingly any tensions between them are suggestive of misguidance spreading confusion.

Russia having cited Kosovo independence from Serbia in 2009 as justification for development in Crimea raise poignant question about Russia’s future plans in the Mediterranean given Russian naval base in Syria’s second largest coastal city Tartous.

Would Russia arguably as hegemony’s prominent nuclear power then quote Crimea in territorial expansion in Tartous, Syria?

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered televised speech to the nation subsequent to signing treaty in incorporating Crimea.

The excerpts of the speech are presented for relevance and clarification.

“Our Western partners headed by the United States prefer not to be guided by international law in their practical policies, but by the rule of the gun.”

They have come to believe in their exceptionalism and their sense of being the chosen ones.  That they can decide the destinies of the world, that it is only them who can be right,” the Russian President said. 

The subliminal message not directed at the United States but targets the challenger to Hegemony and Imperialism.

Appropriately they are addressed for clarity to dispel myths on the divine humanitarian mission. 

The reference ‘international law’ is euphemism for Hegemony long aspired – New World Order i.e. surrender of republic and sovereignty to One World Government regardless of the premise and policy proved counterproductive not to mention the indoctrination resulting in fait accompli.

Likewise the connotation ‘the rule of the gun’   is aptly applicable to hegemony using violence as means evident in UNSC resolutions with Russia voting for military aggression against weak and vulnerable nations in Africa viz. Mali and Central African Republic in recent memory.

Russia’s eminent contribution Kalashnikov – widely known as AK 47 and atomic bomb invention by Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard in London along with counterparts in 1933 has claimed innocent lives worldwide and continues to endanger lives on earth.

Contrarily the accused otherwise the resistance force dedication to peace and non-violence as the only alternative to warfare and terrorism throughout engagement in humanitarian service would remain the defiant truth now and beyond.

As for insinuations on ‘exceptionalism and sense of being the chosen ones to decide the destinies of the world and that it is only them who can be right’ is perhaps the mirror reflection of the source in denial of self-image and legacy.

Moreover the privilege could not be conferred on anyone except those verifiably as Imperialists and UNSC permanent members i.e. P5 + 1 barring others from membership to exclusive club repeatedly exercise veto and nuclear option in addition to economic sanctions to subjugate nations seeking freedom from oppression or foreign invasion.

Russia’s failure to avert three bombings aimed at public transportation every occasion in October and December 2013 in Volgograd is tragic for the victims and survivors in the safety compromise affecting Russian Bear reputation.

In conclusion, the leopard changing spots would not make the wild specie any different especially with predominant predator instincts surfacing whenever possible to satisfy insatiable appetite.

Hegemony desperate measures expedite feudal system decline conforming to virtues triumph over vices in the establishment of peace and progress.

Wishing the world liberation from destructive rule and empires espousing dominance.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

































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