Russia – Economic and Financial Collapse

March 23, 2022

Russia – Economic and Financial Collapse

Padmini Arhant 

President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens in reality transformed into the Russian President’s war against own nation – Russia, Russian economy and Russian financial system. This statement repeated on this site numerous times earlier and until now to alert the Russian leadership on the grave mistakes of launching the illegal invasion.

No wars can continue endlessly and the aggressor inevitably deal with self-inflicted economic damage in the domestic front. The situation is evident in the Russian economy due to state divestments from domestic economic activities to financing the bombing and shelling of civilian areas in the target nation.

The economic and financial sanctions are also contributing to economic squeeze and freeze as a result of the unnecessary and preventable invasion of foreign land.

The locals in the nation i.e. Russian citizens are subject to long lasting economic pain and suffering worse than the intended prolonged misery against the people of Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin’s personal goals through military intervention in Ukraine is backfiring at home.

Meanwhile, Russians are forced to accept the crises as Kremlin’s noble cause to liberate Russian speaking citizens in Donbas region despite the relentless military attacks in Ukraine economically and financially punishing native Russians in Russia.

Notwithstanding the heavy losses of Russian lives in the conscripted service to kill innocent civilians in neighboring Ukraine.

The world is collectively engaged in extending support to civilians in Ukraine. The demoralized Russian forces deployed against their will in the President Vladimir Putin’s war are victims as well without recourse in the Russian political system.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military infiltration in Ukraine has invited economic war against Russia. The senseless battle raising buildings, infrastructure and civilian homes to rubbles might be considered some achievement in the military assessment. However, the deeper effects are actually felt in Russian economic and financial affairs.

The Russian rubles devalued further lowering the economic and financial affordability among Russians pushed into dire straits.

Under these circumstances, no military action or besieged cities and port in invaded country could be declared a victory at the vast and substantial expense of the domestic economy.

The pressure and frustration is palpable even among Russia’s elites and wealthiest oligarchs having suffered enormous financial losses in the economic fallout with the rest of the world.

The worldwide consumption of Russian Vodka could also take a serious hit in the global awakening to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine with images clarifying the aerial assaults caused deaths and destruction of innocent lives in the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations.

The liquor industry replacing Russian Vodka in the marketing and distribution would strongly impact the cash flow expended at military violence against Ukraine.

The global response in this particular line of action would demonstrate solidarity in the universal call to Moscow to end the conflict effective immediately with ceasefire and termination of Russian aerial bombing, air raids and military incursions in and around Ukraine.

A minor sacrifice at individual level from across the globe related to Russian key economic product – Russian Vodka and other popular items in the liquor industry and consumer goods would save lives in the unreasonable and ill-conceived war on the people of Ukraine and Russia.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


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