Russia – Presidential Elections 2012

March 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Russia – The nation with borders connecting to Asia, Europe and North America is not only significant for vastness but also a formidable power in the economic, political and military perspective.

Since Soviet Union collapse, the Eurasian country was considerably weakened in many aspects by the globalists clearing the way for long aspired dominance especially in the oil and natural gas rich Central Asia.

The western targets defender viewed an obstructionist until today was debilitated with the fall of iron curtain.

Soviet Union sprawling across Eastern Europe and Central Asia was perceived a major threat with communism being another factor for western perseverance to contain the then Cold War rival seizing opportunity in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Although, during Cold War the United States and former Soviet Union brinkmanship reached precipice in the wisely averted Cuban missile crisis,

The desire to subjugate non-western powers persists amongst Feudalist Empire.

In fact the desperation is ominously expressed in the quest for supremacy through one world government – the systematic rejection of sovereignty with hegemony.

The strategy currently used against western adversaries Iran and Syria in the regime change agenda aggressively pursued with crippling economic sanctions along side military option ignoring the inevitable backlash and irreversible setback for the perpetrators underestimating retaliatory power.

Antiquated western policy to undermine regions under the guise of democracy earlier in Vietnam and continued in twenty first century against Iraq,

Syria and Iran pushed into military confrontation is a cavalier approach doomed for failure.

Notwithstanding western hypocrisy in the implementation of unconstitutional laws such as Patriot Act, ACTA and NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) effectively imposing Martial Law in the so-called democracy.

Soviet Union particularly in the 1970 – 1980’s and just prior to the crumbling of USSR was baited with substantial U.S. defense budget comprising illusive outer space anti-ballistic missiles program.

Then the Soviet Union in an effort to parallel American firepower including nuclear capability apparently overstretched defense commitment at economy’s expense precipitating western goal – government dissolution through population under economic duress.

The mutual agreement between two nations on arms control via new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) subsequent to previous accord on short and long-range missiles is an important milestone on record.

However, the commitment exemplified in action would address speculations on both sides experiencing budget constraints with economic woes demanding priority over extravagant defense expenditure.

Similarly, the controversial NATO expansion in Eastern Europe and Warsaw pact maintenance with interceptor missiles defense shield has led to the formation of Collective Security Treaty Organization by Russia and Central Asia  –

To counteract the pervasive U.S. military bases posing existential security concern for non-western powers considering the prevalent western ambition to topple governments sweeping across Middle East.

Simultaneously, the tactical and conventional stockpiles are contentious in the face of escalating tensions between West and Iran aimed at regional destabilization.

Nuclear summit by nuclear and non-nuclear states with unanimous consensus on nuclear disarmament in 2012 rather than foreseeable time frame would alleviate burden of guilt or innocence in the brewing conflict.

Again the responsibility lies with all nations regardless of declared or discreet nuclear status to participate in the nuclear free zone treaty.

Any reluctance to relinquish nuclear weapons would verify the legitimacy in the global war on terror.

Nuclear statehood used as pretext for wars and persistent drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen premised on prohibiting terror networks possession of nuclear arsenal could cease upon mandatory global nuclear disarmament.

Otherwise the present hierarchical nuclear rights asserted as responsible vs. potentially dangerous category deceptively deviates from the desirable course.

Reverting to former Soviet Union conscientious attempt under President Mikhail Gorbachev leadership for political and economic reform in the introduction of Glasnost and Perestroika pledged to Transparency and Restructuring evidently met with resistance from the apparatus then reining control over the political system.

The political transition for Russia has been extremely challenging with worst nuclear disaster in Chernobyl followed by Soviet Union disintegration evolving into dire economic problems amid political corruption and,

KGB intelligence defection to the west facilitating foreign intrusion in Russian elections.

The turbulence produced nostalgia for the predecessor political rule that guaranteed stability per the generation timeline.

Fast forwarding to the contemporary period, Russia is a mature nation with tremendous expertise in dealing with domestic and international crises.

Russia as an emerging economic power has enormous potential to shape the global economy.

The national diversity and geopolitical dynamics has contributed positive growth nonetheless not without the share of grievances from the minority and disenfranchised demography.

Amicable settlement on Chechnya after more than a decade operation is a preliminary step towards long-term peaceful relationship.

Secessionism often emanates from economic disparity, lack of political representation in the state and national level that transforms into social injustice.

State autonomy is vital when attending to specific issues and indigenous matter.

If these fundamental needs were provided then there would be less inclination for separatism from federation that could safeguard borders as part of the national territory.

These measures are more appropriate for a state within the republic.

Unlike the foreign invasion and occupation of sovereign nation with independent pre-existence later subjected to annexation by force.

Likewise racial discord and communal violence could be attributed to economic deprivation and ignorance.

Russia is in the process of conforming to twenty first century political paradigm.

The public dissent in Moscow is directed at basic requirements like free and fair elections, political freedom and constitutional reform to limit terms in office, widespread economic activity…and restriction on oligarchy interference in politics.

Five contenders including incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are vying for the highest office in Kremlin.

Prime Minister Putin having served two terms as President presented election manifesto incorporating the electorates’ economic expectations with the exception of early Parliamentary elections called for by the citizens due to alleged discrepancy in the December 2011 electoral outcome.

Candidates in the Presidential race have expressed their various positions and promises unless delivered usually remain a rhetoric or campaign trail appeasement.

Russia has made remarkable recovery economically in recent years and,

Politically honoring the republic will for a vibrant democracy would further enhance the leadership role in the domestic and international domain.

Russia’s role in foreign policy as United Nations Security Council member has been prudent favoring peace and diplomacy over military intervention.

The trend is imperative to curtail cataclysmic events in the volatile Middle East.

Despite standard disagreements on international affairs,

Washington and Kremlin cooperation on nuclear free world and bilateral trade,

Collaboration in science and technology, space exploration and advanced education,

Travel and cultural exchange would strengthen ties benefitting the citizens of both nations.

Удачи! Кандидатам в президенты на 2012 выборах.

Good Luck! To Presidential candidates in the 2012 elections.

Пожелание Мира, Продвижения и процветания в изобилии людям в России.

Wishing Peace, Progress and prosperity in abundance to people in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



























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