Russia – President Vladimir Putin Wins National Election 2012

March 4, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To President Vladimir Putin and Russia on the spectacular victory in the reportedly most transparent, free and fair elections in political history.

Russia has spoken and the electoral mandate is clear. With polling results still pouring in from across the sprawling nation, Prime Minister Putin as the candidate emerged victorious with 63.9% in the national election.

The large voter turnout is indicative of Russian electorate seriousness in moving the country forward given the political and economic dynamics in the twenty first century.

Russia has risen from tumultuous times to be a confident and mature global partner evident in the milestones reached on economic, political and international affairs.

The international community has a reliable ally in Russia considering the threats to national sovereignty, human rights and natural environment.

President Vladimir Putin having demonstrated strengths and drawbacks in the political tenure is in a better position to enhance many positive attributes while minimizing or learning from any erroneous decisions in the new term in office.

Russia has acknowledged the leaderships’ role with a solid political capital to build a strong and formidable nation for the citizens in the domestic as well as international domain.

The outgoing President Dmitry Medevdev has been instrumental in the latest economic progress achieved despite global financial crisis. The administration has evolved and contained problems within and outside national interest.

Russia has a bright future that could be shared with the rest of the world as an equal sovereign nation willing to resolve disputes through peace and diplomacy.

Наилучшие пожелания Президенту Владимиру Путину и людям России в замечательном достижении и больше на горизонте.

Best Wishes to President Vladimir Putin and the people of Russia in the remarkable achievement and more on the horizon.

Еще раз Желая Мир, Стабильность и Процветание к России.

Once again Wishing Peace, Stability and Prosperity to Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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