Romania – Revolution For Republican Democracy]

January 23, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Revolution in Eastern Europe returns once again to Bucharest, Romania.

The peaceful and non-violent public protests evolved into violent confrontation with police crackdown on citizens intensified in the recent rally.

Sadly, the government use of violence towards citizens reveals impatience and apathy to declining economic and social standards.

Romanian demonstration in semblance to global dissent on deteriorating economic conditions for the vast majority,

While the political establishment and privileged class thriving regardless of ineffective economic strategies confirms feudalism emergence to surface.

Severe austerity and rampant corruption denying average citizens normal existence are contentious issues among Romanian demonstrators depicting universal plight.

The government failure to address domestic problems – burgeoning economic crisis in particular drives mainstream on to main street to express grievances and desperate situation largely attributed to policies lacking in pervasive economic growth affecting population basic needs in life.

Romanian revolution triumph is evident in history with elimination of communist regime under Nicolae Ceausescu leadership and subsequent transformation towards democracy with market economy proves the republic power in prevailing over forces threatening human rights and dignity depriving economic progress.

The incumbent government under President Traian Basescu is challenged for drastic spending cuts amid corruption charges leveled against the authority.

Romania as EU member adopting disproportionate measures targeting essential programs such as citizens pension, health and education similar to Greece, Spain and Italy,

In the absence of economic stimulus to promote employment and local business opportunities is suggestive of government neglect in providing viable solutions to diverse issues confronting the nation.

The tradition adapting to general economic model may not be suitable for every economy and exploring individual strategies could perhaps produce positive output in meeting the unique requirements.

President Traian Basescu administration inability to redress growing economic and political turmoil leads to instability exacerbating people suffering besides jeopardizing national security.

Furthermore, the leadership determination to stay in power despite electorate vehement opposition seeking resignation from office undermines democracy secured after immense sacrifice in the earlier freedom movement against repression.

The people in any society deserve governance adept at understanding the dynamics of events and preparedness to respond effectively for desirable outcome.

Notwithstanding national and international complexities demanding resolutions due to discord created for global dominance.

Citizens’ call to dissolve the government could be initiated through no confidence vote that would determine the early election process with transitional power unless,

The current leadership in recognition of republic rejection steps down allowing the country to move forward with people choice representation honoring democracy, peace and political stability.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for Romanian citizens and leaderships to contain tensions between them and begin dialogue for peaceful settlement on the economic, political and social disagreements.

Any nation disregarding the genuine voices of citizens could not be a sovereign democratic state.

The era of oppression is coming into conclusion and attempts to prolong or reinstate authoritarianism would be futile with increased public awareness and global revolution commitment to reclaim republican democracy.

Good Luck and Best Wishes! To people of Romania and opposition leaderships for a democratically guided successful transfer of power.

Peace, progress and prosperity to Romania.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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