Religion – Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Merry Christmas!  Celebrating Jesus birth and Christ’s sacrifice to redeem the world from sins and suffering.

The world overwhelmed with sins presumptuously defiant much to self destruction.

Despite chaos and catastrophe inflicted on innocent population through terror sponsorship and perpetual violence, the sponsors and catalysts pursue terrorism to achieve agenda.

The contemporary trend dominant in greed for power, fame and fortune by any means slight consequences with fatal outcome for the origin and anyone involved in counterproductive course.

The failed policies and flawed strategies are maintained in the desire for eternal rule. Having embarked on mission delivering deaths and devastation, the worst attitude is denial.

Similarly, falsehood and fraudulence create illusive environment leading to misguidance and surrender of freedom.

In brazen effort to forsake real benefactor – the merciful, insightful and powerful almighty God,

The forces behind global misery are delusional in promoting demagogues feigning in respective role leaving the audience in the dark as victims of mass deception.

The intolerance to peace and positive proposals exemplified then in crucifixion of Jesus continued with the present world events emanating from contempt for anything even remotely associated to collective benefits and humanitarian cause representing providential truth define status quo.

Human folly begins with rejection of facts and reality chasing mirage only to discover fantasy produce disappointment and despair.

Renouncing narcissism for altruism is the preliminary step towards self-redemption.

Those evading responsibility and accountability for their egregious decisions and actions ignore clarion call from within and remain prisoner of guilt unable to hide or run afar.

Accordingly, declining justice to crime victims essentially subjugate perpetrators in the confines of fault and felony.

Adherence to conscience – the key witness to activities regardless of personal convictions is the next measure to alleviate burden of guilt.

In other incidents, the deliberate and voluntary indulgence to hurt and harm others deriving sadistic pleasure is a sign of individual weakness and inner decay.

Human form gifted with discriminatory ability to distinguish right from wrong wasted in life results in self-imprisonment.

The liberated soul is the one free from shackles of sinful acts and acrimony.

The willing would strive for salvation and face challenges without compromising values and principles that describes identity.

Life is an opportunity to learn the art of living that is beyond egotistic self-interest. The pledge to reform expressed in conduct starting with compassion and honesty would set the trail for self-emancipation.

Finally, deed not creed determine destiny upon departure.

Jesus Christ teachings practiced in sincerity would illustrate appreciation and gratitude in the struggles for elevation in human spirit.

Merry Christmas!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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