Reflection – Farewell 2011

December 31, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The year 2011 has been eventful with earth shattering effects in politics, economics, social justice and environment.

People power emerged a formidable force in Tahrir, Pearl and Times Square spreading world over as the new wave against oligarchy run global empire.

The mainstream population on center stage demanding revolutionary changes in political, economic, judiciary, social and environmental policies valiantly braved violent crackdown in the so-called democracies and other societies abusing power to quell dissent in direct violation of human and constitutional rights asserting authoritarian rule.

From Arab Spring across Middle East to Occupy Wall Street evolving into Occupy global protest –

The developments in 2011 is a stark reminder to autocratic regimes using violence against citizens prolonging oppression and corruption…to step down from power avoiding the fate shared by Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Italy leaderships during the year.

Citizens defying authorities’deadly ammunitions in hegemony facilitated firepower chose martyrdom over capitulation in Tunisia, Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar…and elsewhere.

Impact now felt in Moscow, Damascus and perhaps in Beijing.

Tibetan monks self-immolation in mainland occupied territory confirms dire situation beyond endurance seeking world attention to Tibet independence struggle.

Such incident could no longer be slighted with imminent emancipation for Tibet as part of the sweeping change on the horizon.

Similarly Palestinian statehood at the United Nations derided by Israel and strong ally United States – a hypocritical stance given the identical approach in the declaration of Israeli state on May 14, 1948.

With frustration reaching tipping point from decadent policies denying political liberation, corruption free society, economic freedom and social justice,

The establishments in the respective domains are challenged to deliver promises leading governance on defense in the system without checks and balances contributing to status quo.

Europe and United States dealing with economic woes experience budget and debt crisis, declining credit rating and European contagion attributed to stagnant economy affecting global markets.

Warfare – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, amid permanent military bases all over,

The focus is primarily on Iran with crippling economic sanctions provoking oil blockade threats followed by retaliation warnings in preparation for pre-meditated and pre-emptive full-scale confrontation possibly involving nuclear arsenal.

Meanwhile, the arms supply in Syria adapting to Libyan civil war scenario cannot be ignored in the context.

The civilian movement expedited undemocratic leaderships demise and departure poignantly marking 2011 – the revolution year in history.

On the environmental front – 2011 has been devastating with earthquake in New Zealand and Turkey,

Japan earthquake and Tsunami resulting in nuclear disaster,

Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines bracing ravaging floods and

India hit with cyclone…confirms global warming effects on nature.

Notwithstanding catastrophic environmental damages exacerbating economic liabilities for nations – victims of the worst natural calamity.

Trials and tribulations provide opportunity for review and reform at individual discretion.

Procrastination on strong environmental policy would decelerate economic growth with current rapid resource depletion endangering life.

Evidently 2011 recognized as the year of significant transformations terminating destructive courses responsible for human suffering –

Setting precedence for universal change redeeming humanity from degradation.

The world bids farewell to 2011 and,

Welcomes 2012  – ushering in new era with peace, progress and prosperity for all.

Happy New Year and Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












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