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January 22, 2015

 By Padmini Arhant

Syria – Dire Humanitarian Crises from U.S. Imposed Economic Sanctions with Arab League and OIC Complicity

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Those types of events can bring our business to its knees speaking. What can we do about these situations? What can we do to manage our risks and implement strategies for risk avoidance?

 Ans. Unfortunately politics governed by hegemony as shadow power along with their proxies in governments and other fields in society are responsible for global status quo.

The egregious decisions like sanctions are motivated by hegemonic goals to deprive targeted nations from economic growth.

The irony in the flawed policy is such actions blindside economic development in the respective domestic front with severe impact on business sector. Not only the people in the sanctioned nations suffer but also the citizens from the nation imposing sanction pay heavy price as well.

The solution is for business community from top to bottom to petition their representatives in Congress or Parliament to reverse the detrimental trend and urge them to prioritize national and citizens’ needs over self and external powers interests.

Congress or Parliament failure to act means – the loyalty is not with the people.

Accordingly the electorate need to replace the members with those delivering the pledge to serve constituents and the nation at large.

As for business risk mitigation in these circumstances – you should seek exemptions through your government in order to protect investments and remind the authority in your domain that declining your request would mean denying the nation – the revenue and GDP.

Meanwhile reevaluation of risk management and exploring options via alternative supply chain and financial sources to maintain trade within relevant state and region would be worthwhile.

Regardless the governments intervention to lift sanctions is critical in the near and long term.

Padmini Arhant




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