Political Immunity from Crimes and Treasonous Act to Hegemony Representatives

November 22, 2016

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The recent setback in the United States general election and hegemony representatives granted immunity on crimes and treasonous acts that would otherwise attract charges and prosecution against any other citizens is least surprising and confirms business as usual with strings pulled from behind by same forces reining control over the system.

The latest report on hegemony backed establishment member, the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton exempted from any charges related to numerous violations and misuse of tax payer funded public office is the syndicate rebuttal to electorate rejection in the 2016 election.

Such position is the political establishment reaction to electorate will declining hegemony favored candidacy. Any changes to Washington D.C. broken, dysfunctional and above all corrupt system is possible upon newly elected administration not defaulting on anti-establishment platform maintained to win electorate trust on the campaign trail.

In fact, these are the kind of issues that clarifies the real power in Washington D.C. widespread nation and worldwide.

The office of Presidency under  extraneous entities and political apparatus influence cannot be expected to fulfill their pledge to those who voted for the candidacy and the President-elect assurance to represent all in the country unless they severe ties and dismantle the edifice.

The contrived and contoured operation has no desire to allow governance of the people, by the people and for the people.  There is no doubt that democracy is symbolic not functional as the system is held hostage by anti-republic and anti-humanity clique unwilling to relent to electoral mandate for government without subjugation.

The continuation of politics indifferent to electorate hope and expectations for fundamental transformation beginning with holding none above law on crimes committed during the term in office is the initial sign of public betrayal.

As such, the incoming administration cabinet and key posts choices  are anything but anti-establishment.  On the contrary many of them are the embodiment of the political establishment responsible for derailing American progress in the domestic front besides tarnishing United States reputation and image on international affairs.

The newly elected administration plan to ban muslims entry in the United States barring screening to check on eligibility applicable to any potential immigrant from anywhere in the world is cart blanche authority that compromises America’s values as a nation of immigrants and more so with the President-elect next of kin being a naturalized citizen.

When the argument on visa restrictions to muslims is premised on terrorism, then the debate cannot preclude those cheering and expressing their delight on the fateful 9/11 event with the comment – best for Israel not to mention the ongoing warfare sponsoring terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Palestine expending United States tax dollars depriving U.S. economy due investments expediting employment prospects.

On the subject of tolerance to race, religion, socio-economic and ethnic background, the selective empathy towards white nationalism and anti-semitism (even though semitism is inappropriately referenced in the absence of anthropological lineage) clarifies resistance to broader and open society with a determination to retain status quo.

In the environment matter, measures  to dislodge any meaningful and effective regulations to accommodate energy giants campaign donations prerequisites ignoring serious problems pertaining to contamination of rivers and wells, harming natural conditions and safe habitat disturbing ecological balance ultimately affecting human survival would be reversal of economic benefit. 

Although job creations and growth are necessary for economic recovery, pursuing options that are proved counterproductive replaced with environmentally viable solutions such as clean natural energy – solar, wind and hydro projects also provide employment opportunity while preventing pollution and carbon emission contributing to exiting climate pattern. 

In terms of national security, the prevalent method targeting and profiling people of color and certain ethnicity or family hardly been a concern and regrettably authorized regardless of such treatment and isolation conforming to harassment, bullying, sexism and racial discrimination.  These practices are best abandoned to shape America as the country of vibrant diversity and progressive society.

Last but not the least, the incoming administration adopting transparency and accountability – the policy considered an obstacle to secret society and hegemonic goals with collusion and complicity from political members across the aisle, within and outside the country is the only way to reform and construct the formidable structure.

Peace to all!

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