Planned Parenthood, Medicare and Medicaid – The Average Americans’ Life Support

April 17, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The 2012 budget disagreement in the Hill continues with the Republican majority in the House having passed the proposal to cut $4.4 trillion deficits over the next decade.

Medicare and Medicaid along with funding for the Title X program that provides millions of vulnerable women with family planning, cancer screening and other vital preventative services is currently targeted in the attempt to display fiscal responsibility.

The intention to reduce deficit by $4.4 trillion is praiseworthy but again not at the ordinary citizens’ plight as they are already marginalized in the political system run by the empire representing the tax evading corporations and,

The military industrial complex determined to prolong occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq…with the recent report on Iraq revealing the plan for permanent U.S and coalition troops deployment in the oil rich nation.

Likewise the White House position on raising the debt limit ceiling to accommodate disproportionate military spending through expansive operations in Islamic countries for strategic and economic interests alongside complicity with corporations exporting American taxpayers funded jobs exemplified in the appointment of such corporation to lead the White House Council on Jobs and competitiveness is contradictory to the stated objective.

If the House Speaker John Boehner and the White House were to slash the alarming defense expenditure with troops withdrawal from the nations in the process of being declared indefinite battle zones and,

Pledge towards tax reform evidently favoring corporations like General Electric with the removal of the CEO Jeffrey Immelt from the controversial post in acknowledgment of public petition seeking the GE CEO resignation,

Then the legislative and the executive branches’ crusade could perhaps benefit the mainstream rather than the corporate donors with the base covered in all three government branches.

The cooperation between the Republican members and the White House last year during the Bush tax cuts extension legislation contributing to rising deficit and,

Now the similarities in the debt escalation by the Republican House representatives’ action depriving women, children, veterans and seniors from health care with Medicare and Medicaid elimination,

While the White House calling for higher debt caps inevitably burden the lower and middle income families considering their mutual allegiance to special interests reflected in the generous tax exemptions to the super rich and corporate financiers.

Congressional members opposed to women’s health particularly in their determination to defund Planned Parenthood are alienating the women electorate for ideological reasons and precisely not the change desired by the demography at the lower economic strata.

Reiterating the fact that such polarization within society undermines sovereignty with serious political repercussions for the women’s health opponents and the party.

The real commitment from the White House and the Republican lawmakers would come to light upon prioritizing people over the conglomerate controlling the economic management, foreign policy and warfare.

Thus far the status quo confirms the Bush-Cheney legacy continuation in honoring Bush tax cuts extension, Osama Bin Laden mystery unresolved for perpetual warfare, foreign policy enabling dictatorships to prevail through behind the scenes negotiations with their descendants allowing stalemate against revolutions victory in the people led political uprising in Middle East and North Africa –

Such developments epitomize the corporate and military industrial complex governance overriding democracy.

Therefore the funding restraint on the citizens’ life support – Planned Parenthood, Medicare and Medicaid proves the individual members and leaderships’ misplaced efforts on debt reduction.

Instead the legislative and executive branch consensus on tax revenues successfully circumvented by the corporations and substantial military spending in the sprawling operations around the world should be the bone of contention to signify functional democracy.

With tax payments from corporations obviously not received due to inherent loopholes and deficiencies besides winding up military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq alone would resolve the burgeoning deficit crisis.

Unfortunately the solidarity between the executive and legislative branch in this regard is successfully secured by the corporate sponsors – the perennial winners in the declining democratic system.

Public dissent against Congressional and White House ties with Wall Street at main street peril is necessary to bring about the hope and change reviving republic rule in a democracy.

Failure to heed to citizens’ plea to alleviate and not exacerbate their suffering would be termination of their term in office – as witnessed in 2008 and 2010 elections.

It would be unwise to under estimate electorates’ disappointment in the ‘more of the same’ iimplemented as the promised change.

Hence the incumbent administration and legislative members’ campaign promise delivery to the people without deflecting from the required course is paramount for national progress.

Power is effective in the empowerment of powerless and not aiding the established powerful forces in the shadow government.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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