Pegasus Spyware Malware

November 6, 2021

++Pegasus Spyware Malware

Padmini Arhant

The anti-democratic violation of individual rights and privacy facilitated by spyware malware called Pegasus supposedly sold only to governments and according to the public data on this controversial spyware –

“Israel’s Private Company NSO GROUP’s Pegasus spyware is classified as a weapon by Israel and any export of the technology must be approved by the government. Annual revenues were around US$40 million in 2013 and $150 million in 2015. In June 2017, the company was put up for sale for $1 billion by Francisco Partners.”

Obviously, the NSOGroup behind Pegasus spyware has global clients evidenced in annual revenues reported in the public information above. Among them, the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah proudly claiming the effectiveness of Pegasus spyware to view anything and everything far away in the United States private citizens homes have confirmed the Pegasus spyware in their possession in public meetings and rallies recently, the comment meant as a threat and a matter of pride.

Nothing comes as a surprise with the political duo marking their career in Godhra violence in 2002 where innocent children, pregnant mothers, young men and women as well as the elderly were murdered and soon after not even sparing the judiciary member. The Mumbai High court judge presiding over the matter killed for non-cooperation in their favor. The horrific crimes against anyone regarded an obstacle in their never ending human rights violations from the state of Gujarat to India’s capital New Delhi is continued with political immunity and external support much to India’s detriment.

As for the Pegasus spyware, there was a raucous in Indian Parliament not long ago seeking the incumbent Indian government to come forward and clarify on the misuse of the Pegasus spyware. The Indian politics were keen on finding the details based on international report on the Pegasus spyware being used against numerous individuals in Indian political class including BJP governments’ ministers other than journalists and government critics causing an uproar in the Parliament session.

Furthermore, the Pegasus spyware is inarguably potent and classified a weapon by Israeli government with the condition that the technology could not be sold or exported without government approval.

That being the case, the incumbent Indian government in possession of the Pegasus spyware using the technology arbitrarily proves the state’s authoritarian style rejecting democratic and constitutional rules for personal and political interests.  The trend is the precursor in the subversion of democracy and should raise the alarm to 1.3 billion citizens already subject to free speech denial. Any pseudo criticism of government is actually nuanced against the government’s target in a far away land to absolve the corrupt governance of any wrongdoing and criminal engagements that are one too many in the system beyond salvation.

The interesting aspect in the entire saga is the Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah not availing the technology against the nation’s real adversary in control of India’s territory – Beijing, China initially dominant in the Himalayan region Aksai Chin Kashmir and Siachen region.

China’s PLA occupation has now expanded into Ladakh, Sikkim and north eastern areas redefining line of control along the entire Indian borders on all sides is the tip of the iceberg. As a result, the Indian defense force especially the foot soldiers in the army are deployed over eighteen months in the harsh inhospitable Himalayan terrain in the elevation of 20,000 feet above sea level. There were loss of lives with several Indian defense personnel martyred in the hostile confrontation with China’s PLA forces along the line of control last year amid the pandemic. The situation could have been averted with government’s preemptive measures using intel and technology resources saving lives in the prolonged quagmire.

Yet another conflicting fact is the Pegasus technology not having been utilized to detect activities next door in the neighborhood – the Wuhan lab, Hubei Province in China, the source and incubator of the deadly corona virus SARS COV2 with India experiencing the deadliest blow in the second wave termed delta variant of the pandemic. The government’s lapse or lack of interest in the appropriate use of Pegasus spyware for relevant purpose and instead expending in perverse course to spy on private citizens and their personal life beckon explanation from the Indian authorities in possession of this spyware.

The Indian leaderships viz. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah owe explanation to pandemic victims – the families who have lost their loved ones and earning members to the virus and the inhabitants fearing China’s PLA occupation of Indian territories for failing to protect them in the most critical moments despite the government armed with the lethal technology such as Pegasus spyware.

The most intriguing and incontrovertible truth being PM Narendra Modi’s personal account in China’s social media chat Weibo well after China’s invasion of Indian territories and pandemic consuming lives in India in all fronts – health, economic and military wafare in the Himalayan region. These events reflect dereliction of duty shirking responsibility in addressing dire crises at home for the head of the nation with second largest population in the world. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi prioritizing personal popularity and prominence in global social platforms is unfortunate and deeply disturbing for any democracy.

Whom are these leaderships serving – India and the citizens or the foreign adversaries waging bio warfare through deadly pathogen viz. SARS COV2 triggering COVID-19 and simultaneously invading Indian territories that are inconceivably seized with irreconcilable aggression?

Something to think about for all those state sponsored contingency in different capacity. The so-called comedian or news laundry to defend money laundry, many fringe elements in social media as well as main stream bulwarks bribed, bullied and coerced to defend the present Indian government and political class deliberate debacles designed to drown India to the point of no return.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


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