Patriot Act Repeal

May 27, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Following the 9/11 homeland terrorism, the Patriot Act was introduced under the guise of curbing terror and,

Simultaneously Guantanamo bay, renditions, denial of habeas corpus, diverse torture techniques prominently waterboarding…accepted without any moral concerns exemplified in disregarding Geneva Convention and international law on human rights.

Not to mention fear mongering using color codes as security alert advising residents to duct tape their homes dominated mainstream media.

Since then terror adopted under national security pretext violating civil liberty that constricts freedom as a strategy for mass mind control.

The status quo remains with Patriot Act extended today fomenting targeted prejudice against specific segments in the society ranging from warrantless search, NSA wiretapping, access to citizens’ communication, profiling and biometrics with not only finger printing but also retina scan for exclusive identification.

Patriot Act unleashes aggressive infiltration in the nationals’ private life.

The policy makers legislating as well as executing the unlawful and unethical government intrusion in citizenry personal matter are sworn to secret society pledged to world dominance signifying the hypocritical stance and diabolical double standards.

Meanwhile the architects and authorities abusing the executive power with Congressional complacency and complicity on a large scale granted impunity in a manner replicating the fascist era.

Patriot Act is anything but patriotic.  It is undemocratic, illegal and defies constitutionality of a sovereign nation that has been long governed by unscrupulous hegemonic power escalating totalitarianism through blatant suppression of republic rule.

Ironically, the real terror pervasive in the contemporary world with truth subversion, false propaganda and distortion is upheld by the so-called democratic society and,

The legislators overwhelming approval of authoritarianism reflected in the Patriot Act confirms the democracy demise.

The executive branch is exempt from transparency and accountability with privilege availed for extra-judicial execution in foreign land and declining public request for any evidence in the self-proclaimed mock human sacrifice.

A dangerous trend with the looming apocalypse slighted by the presumptuous powers refuting inevitable downfall despite history serving as testimony.

The Pseudo Empire operating behind the scenes claiming to be illumined minds and proudly admitting treason against own country,

Notwithstanding egregious collusion with forces responsible for genocide in the pre-world war II subsequently defending the victims’ descendants is disingenuous in semblance with consistent betrayal of humanity.

The dubious empirical monopoly has been successfully established in the global resources exploitation made possible through territorial invasion and annexation –

In turn achieved at the obedient troops’ deaths and innocent civilian massacre across the globe.

Treachery, deceit and brutality being the tyrannical conglomerate’s philosophy, the crumbling citadel epitomizes the return on the investments chronically lacking in human characteristics.

The mighty and powerful have succumbed to the sinister activities thereby the end justifying the means.

Cabal exposure revealing explicit universal dictate with corruptive tactics is a wake up call for global revolution to peacefully and non-violently reject the surreptitious coup d’état in motion.

Patriot Act is politically convenient to deny citizens the individual rights in every aspect with the federal agency and telecommunication industry unprecedented access to private affairs of the general public.

The open violation carried out to masquerade the tailored or manufactured events by the real perpetrators – those holding the mantle of power.

Preserving extraordinary powers to deprive the rest peaceful existence is state sponsored terrorism designed to promote polarization in achieving the ultimate goal – political empowerment to enslave the vulnerable world population.

The quest to rein in free and open society is a sign of weakness exhibiting loss of control over personal will power to contain excess greed and contempt for moralistic guidelines.

United States is a nation founded on leaderships sacrificing their life for emancipation proclamation, civil rights with liberty and pursuit of happiness guaranteed to all regardless of social, religious, economic or political background.

Sadly down the line as the society progressed in many frontiers, the political leaderships under the economic powers’ influence have systematically steered the nation in reverse course on human rights, democratic values and core principles tarnishing national image and integrity they falsely represent codifying status according to the apex power will.

Mankind failure and civilization collapse has been triggered by a few wielding enormous power revolving around the ‘Me, Myself and I’ concept to the self-righteousness peril.

Hence refusal to reconcile terms with reality is entry towards cataclysmic destination chosen at personal discretion.

Repealing not re-enactment of laws such as Patriot Act is the honorable action for any society eliminating fear rather than engendering phobia in the rapidly deteriorating ruling class governed by instinctive desire to propitiate the axis in disguise.

There is an urgent need to resurrect people power and mobilize civil participation to restore democracy truly representing utilitarianism against prevalent system based on global productivity for selective income distribution.

Otherwise embracing globalization to generate profits, however enforcing protectionism in wealth amassment.

“One voice can make a difference and one million or more could change the world – a better place for all.”

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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