Parody Jeopardy

September 19, 2016

Vocabulary by Padmini Arhant

Imitation – Desperate Act of Self-Incrimination. Monkey see, monkey do even though monkey can never be anything else other than perhaps a rhesus monkey and Petty Chimpanzee (PC).

Cheap Operative – Pavlovian response to a bait crawling on the floor for juicy bone.

Dry Ice – Hard on outside and tasteless otherwise.

Washout – Crony in a diaper jettisoned from real entertainment arena.

Cactus – Thorny sapling shaped like a flip-flop.

Wanton – Misfortune cookie.

Escort – Egregious, Scallywag, Contrived, Obtuse, Rhinoceros, Twisted.

Foul – Antonym to fragrance.

Shame – Non-existent in the hall of fame.

Doom – Choice of destiny.



By Padmini Arhant – Article listed under Entertainment Category on Home Page

Hi there!

How are you all doing? Did you enjoy the evening watching the awards and accolades presented to those performing the scripted role designed to be parody?

You know come to think of parody, it is the trend to deflect attention from reality.  Parody is mockery, satire, not limited to perversion, distortion and misrepresentation among many other synonyms related to this word.

In present time, I find many bizarre events happening. Among them, there is something that I can personally relate to and that being – my gender and religion not barring several characteristics about me concocted to be anything but me.

I am projected as a male not a female while simultaneously a transgender. My religion despite confirmed as a Hindu is certified Muslim. My physical features are not spared either. I am caricatured as big horizontally and small vertically in addition to disproportionality in so many dimensions with apparently blonde hair, lipstick applied in a manner to have exhausted cosmetic brand one month’s supply in one application.

Clothes not considered a requirement even though I am draped in a 5 ½ yards spree  the Indian garment or long tunic/top and pants with long scarf called salwar kameez – the traditional Indian attire. This portrayal could be due to one eye on pyramid lacking 20/20 vision. It is bad enough in a pair with impaired visibility and a single tunneled vision could miss a lot of things regardless of bright colored clothing.

In a way the distortion of me and my personal appearance through parody made me wonder about their claim on unlimited potential in them to do anything.

First of all, let me clarify that I am positive about my gender being female for I am a mother and experienced childbirth twice. Unless I am a seahorse which I am not for I exist on land and not under water then the possibility of me being a male going through gestation could be taken into account.

That being the actuality,  their transformation of me from a female to male without having to go through any invasive and complex gender swap medical procedures simply done via parody and innuendoes preempt this question to them.

When you all have such incredible power to make me something that I am not in terms of my physical anatomy and physiological composition, then you should be able to make wonders in the world. Isn’t this fair suggestion?

Would you agree?

Beginning with the following tasks –  you should be able to tame terrorists from flesh eating cannibals to grass munching calves. 

Be rainmaker in drought affected parts of the world.

Solve the mystery behind missing MH370 Malaysian airline that vanished in thin air. Remember, the victims’ families were provided different versions at varying times on the disappearance of the commercial jet with passengers on board.

On the environment front, perhaps the satire kings and queens could modify extreme weather conditions to tolerable temperature after all parody is defined as an act to influence change.

How about make politics depart from empty promises and sloganeering to delivery and substance? Similarly have political members and celebrities surrender wealth held offshore.

Last but not the least why not substitute parody with real comedy sparing entertainment from devious strategy?

Parody is nothing more than a political tool to sneer at the intended target as I have explained above about my profile taken for granted and disfigured to suit convenience resulting in self-deprecation for performers and producers alike much to own disappointment.

I will be back soon with much more on many different issues controversial and congenial.  Otherwise the speculation starts through none other than parody with obituary for me ignoring my living and breathing existence.


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
















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