Palestinian Independence – BDS Movement Against Israeli Apartheid

April 23, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Palestinian freedom struggle since the establishment of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948 has been through trials and tribulations with peace talks and negotiations especially by United States serving Israel’s exclusive interests prolonged suffering and facilitated territorial conquest diminishing prospects for two states solution – the aggressors’ precise agenda.

Israel’s hardliners and conservative religious factions in the United States sharing self-prophesized conviction in anticipation of fantasy fulfillment exacerbated Palestinian plight with militarization of meager territory.

Israeli colonization following 1967 invasion of Palestinian land including Golan Heights in Syria and persecution thereafter has been limited to worldwide reaction,

However. not subjected to similar actions against invariably non-western nations for any violation of the so-called international law.

Iraq – when the former President Saddam Hussein submitted to globalists decoy and invaded Kuwait in 1990 – U.S. led military intervention again with mass deception (WMD) claiming Iraqi babies were thrown out of incubators in the Hospital and,

Kuwait Ambassador to the United States – the daughter posing as mainstream victim was coached to perform to Congress for U.S. taxpayer funding of the war.

Subsequently the U.S. administrations successively imposed economic sanctions on Iraq despite Iraq withdrawal from Kuwait.

Other scenarios comprising U.S. trade embargo against nations condemned for various activities deemed illegal and criminal by U.S. and allies not surprisingly located in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East leaving the west sacrosanct considering the role played thus far as the architects of chaos, carnage and destruction across the globe.

North Korea – indefinite sanctions with no serious engagement in constructive dialogue although the late Premier Kim Jong IL requested direct dealings with United States stating voluntary nuclear disarmament in 2010 and 2011 – only to be ignored by the United States.

India and Pakistan – Sanctions under former President Bill Clinton for conducting nuclear tests – a privilege granted only to nuclear states such as USA, Israel, UK and France… either having used nuclear weapons or continue to use them in the form of depleted uranium witnessed in Iraq and white Phosphorous bombing in Gaza in 2009.

Both USA and Israel refused to sign non-NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty) – the argument India and Pakistan maintains in non-cooperation concerning NPT.

Post Vietnam War – the stringent measures against then rivals crippled economies in that region.

Latin America – any nation unwilling to surrender to United States unreasonable terms and conditions are targeted with coup d’état.

Africa – Global corporations governing the continent for natural resource exploitation control the political system.

However, South Africa – the apartheid regime was brought down with sanctions and international pressure initially resisted by United States and western powers viz. United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Contemporarily Iran and Syria face the wrath of imperialistic discretion.

Middle East – Iran is struck with SWIFT termination – depriving the Islamic Republic financial services network to process trade payments in vilification for alleged nuclear program.

With the exception of South Africa due to global dissent on racial discrimination – the western nations are by and large absolved from crimes against humanity in spite of being responsible for the status quo.

Palestinian effort in the dismal failure of partisan peace treaty overwhelmingly favoring Israel with the exception of Oslo accord – the agreement conveniently discarded by Israel has contributed to the civil society creation of BDS.

BDS Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions that began in 2005 is under tremendous assault arguably for the effectiveness on the oppressor and agents paving the path to deplorable conditions adversely affecting millions of lives forcing youth population to succumb to undesirable options – committing suicide or becoming potential terror recruit in the beleaguered Palestinian state.

Fortunately, the latter alternative has been lately abandoned to a large extent with commitment to non-violence protests through BDS pursued in ending the occupation for Palestinian liberation.

As for credibility with boycott adaptation – not long ago non-violence (Ahimsa) pioneer Mahatma Gandhi boycotted goods restricting profitability for colonial power to eliminate atrocity and eventually enabled India to challenge colonialism.

To summarize BDS impact on Palestinian cause – Israeli authorities disproportionate investments in discrediting BDS with a portfolio assigned for this purpose alongside media propaganda evidently rocking the boat demanding compliance to legitimate peace plan outlined on numerous occasions earlier.

Israel might be the presumed economic and military power with the superpower United States at beckon call –

The inevitable change leading to the beginning of the conclusion of hegemonic era could no longer be evaded by orthodox or unconventional means conforming to the reality

The rise and fall of mighty empires is testimony to mankind rejection of natural law.

BDS – upon being organized diligently promoting awareness dedicated to Palestinian independence in solidarity would deliver the imminent outcome.

Good Luck! To the peaceful and non-violent campaign for free Palestine.

Israeli moderate thinkers and peace activists pledging support to BDS set precedence in modern revolution for universal liberty, equality and justice.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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