Palestine – UNGA Vote for Observer State Status

November 29, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations General Assembly is currently reviewing the Palestinian authority, President Mahmoud Abbas request for upgrade from non-member observer entity status to observer state status that would promote the world understanding of all members in global society worthy of respect and a life with dignity.

In this regard, Palestinian population has been deprived for over six decades with Israel invasion and military aggression up until now.

The inhumane conditions and ongoing hostility towards the people of Palestine has been brought to world attention on numerous occasions with a plea to end Israel’s unilateral excruciating blockade against Gaza alongside periodic aggravated assault resulting in infants, teenagers and women deaths prioritized to win the hearts and minds of Israeli electorate in the election war.

The pervasive combative environment in the entire occupied Palestinian territory robbing the children of Palestine the dreams for life with their family without fear of losing the members in either daily shooting or United States and western powers supplied and sponsored bombing prior to Israel’s electoral season could cease subsequent to Palestinian statehood recognition.

UNGA responsible action in accepting Palestine as a sovereign participant with the citizens’ rights to self-determination similar to the privileges enjoyed by Israeli citizens and western society considering their opposition to the Palestinian bid would legitimize UN as an international body transcending politics and influential powers superiority complex surfacing during Palestinian legal submission for statehood approval.

United States and Israel along with some western allies vehement protest to Palestinian natural right for freedom and sovereignty clarify the intention to prolong colonization in modern civilization exploiting the victims’ patience and endurance of more than sixty years of injustice.

The threats and intimidation tactics applied to subvert the process is yet another example of undemocratic principles exhibited by those representing the imperialistic agenda due to lack of accountability for their crimes against humanity.

Despite the political maneuvering to derail UNGA acknowledgment, the significant majority across the globe overwhelmingly calls for the United Nations members to grant Palestine the long overdue liberty – the inalienable right of every being on this planet.

The two state solution would also enable Israeli citizens peaceful co-existence disrupted from Israel’s ideology driven occupation goals embedded with permanent oppression in the meager land directly in violation of all laws that exist in a civilized world.

Israeli security is linked with treatment of neighbors especially the Palestinian citizens as equal for violence and terror would only yield synonymous response in self-defense given Israel’s disproportionate military and economic resources provided by United States and western power to maintain detrimental status quo.

Objectively, Israeli authority rejection of peace exemplified in refusal to follow general rule and UN resolutions together with Jewish unlawful settlement expansion posing impediments to Israel’s progress besides the ever increasing isolation from the rest of the world.

However, this situation could be reversed by changing course in pursuit of harmony beginning with adaptation to inevitable positive developments like Palestinian independence and honoring territorial integrity all around.

UNGA effectiveness is dependent upon resistance to United States, Israel and selective western powers counterproductive intrusions on international affairs with specific motive to undermine the legality and ethical efficacy of humanitarian law and UN Charter.

Above all UN members’ sovereign pledge for fairness and equality barring discriminatory practices in the decision-making aimed at particular segment viz. Palestinians in this instance would restore credibility to the organization role as a reliable entity.

UNGA could write a new chapter in history in moving forward rather than backward with unequivocal endorsement of peace enshrined in Palestine as an independent nation facilitating the success of two state solutions – the only pragmatic approach to ensure safety and long-term security for both Israel and Palestine.

Wishing UNGA members courage and solidarity in upholding human values and integrity with a resounding ‘Yes’ vote on the humanitarian issue affecting mankind.

Best Wishes to people in Palestine and Israel for good relations leading to mutual prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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