Palestine – UN General Assembly (UNGA) Vote on Statehood

June 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

While the western powers target Syria,Iran and North Korea to lead the global society into world war III for dominance per PNAC (Project for New American Century),

Despite the misguided strategy experiencing colossal failures in every mission thus far,

The Israeli occupation and persecution of Palestinian population with children terrorized and taken into custody along with teenagers and young adults in Israeli detention camps denied due process not a priority among United Nations Security Council membership having passed several resolutions against Syria and Iran on human rights and alleged nuclear program.

Reiterating previously cited events involving Israel’s atrocities in West Bank and East Jerusalem through controversial Jewish Settlements, apartheid wall, check posts and,

Most importantly depriving Palestinian residents drinking water with supply diverted to Jewish settlers for substantial consumption on swimming pool etc. apparently not regarded crimes and justification for UN to impose embargo against Israel.

The peace process brought to a grinding halt and Israel now demanding border demarcation after having exiled Palestinians from the internationally recognized territory viz. West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as their native land,

The two state solution effectively transformed into one state scenario in direct violation of the UN stance rejects Israel’s control over Palestinian state with similar reference to Golan heights belonging to Syria.

Henceforth, the only viable alternative to the deteriorating human rights problem in Israeli occupied Palestine is to adopt identical measures implemented with Israel sovereignty on May 14, 1948 i.e.

UN General Assembly unanimous or majority vote declaring Palestinian independence from Israeli administration in every respect would result in free Palestine Republic rule essentially reclaiming inalienable right to self-determination.

The comprehensive roadmap to two state existences was provided earlier.

However, the details are presented again to refresh memory for immediate action.

UN General Assembly members are urged to come together in granting statehood to Palestine adhering to precedence – UN General Assembly Resolution 181 in the establishment of Israel,

There cannot be any more procrastination in arriving at general consensus on this pertinent issue considering the passage of time and endurance by victims declined basic rights to life.

UNSC prominent members relentless engagement in stalling the plan from fruition proved counterproductive clarifying commitment to imperialistic agenda.

United States opposition to Palestinian request is subjugation on the Palestinian people and a major setback for modern democratic society representing the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden of the United States could play a positive role in Israel and Palestine’s common interest with the UNSC vote without threatening to jeopardize history in making or marginalize the deal.

United Kingdom under Prime Minister David Cameron following suit would be a great opportunity in reparation of the incomplete British Mandate for Palestine enabling fresh dimension to the status quo.

Besides, the liberal partner in the current coalition UK government – Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has a unique moment to fulfill the pledge to restore civil rights and freedom on and offshore in the critical UNSC vote for Palestinian statehood.

France backing Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly 66th session could be exemplified in action by newly elected President Francois Hollande with the vote that would pronounce the European pledge to liberty and democracy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev further approval having cast the vote for the two-state solution on pre 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital would signify Russia’s position as formidable peacemaker in the monumental UN resolution.

China – President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao leaderships cooperation at the Security Council for Palestinian cause would confirm the relations with Middle East and Islamic nations in Central Asia and Africa given the emerging economy’s energy dependency notwithstanding the anticipated export demand.

Last but not the least – Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset legislators accepting reality in the rational approach is a pragmatic path for Israel renouncing all obstacles to peace, national integrity and image.

Understandably, Israel and Palestinian authorities have relevant concerns over issues similar to the events in the aftermath of Israel establishment.

Although the situation now contrast with the circumstances then allowing few exceptions, it is necessary to consider the factors for smooth transitioning and long lasting peace.

Israel highlighted on security, borders, Arab world acknowledgment of Israel sovereignty and the right to return for residency.

Security – Israel being the nuclear nation together with United States and NATO nuclear, military and logistic capabilities are indomitable forces in the region dispelling the myth about security matter.

Poignantly, Palestinian emancipation would preoccupy citizens in nation building and perhaps renew trade relation with Israel preventing unnecessary intrusion from fundamentalism or anti-Semitism that would mean anti-Palestinian growth.

Border – UN member states and United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, which underscores –

“The inadmissibility of the territory acquisition by war”,

The resolution valid in the present environment and incumbent upon Israel to withdraw from occupied areas in exchange for normal dealings with Arab partners based on the Land for peace policy.

Accordingly, territories claimed in 1967 Six-Day War by Israel will be returned i.e. West Bank (Judaea and Samaria), East Jerusalem, the Gaza strip to Palestine and the Golan Heights to Syria respectively.

Retaining traditional boundaries of the Old City in Jerusalem into the Muslim, the Jewish, the Christian and the Armenian Quarter imperative for equanimity and secularism.

Likewise observing reverence to all religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity in the Holy city of Jerusalem paramount to maintain sanctity.

In the Israeli controlled Old City comprising the Western Wall and the Temple Mount,

The Western Wall and only the Jewish place of worship at the Temple Mount would be assigned as the Jewish territory.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre also known as the Church of the Resurrection – important to Christians near Muristan in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem to assume the specific religious designation without infringement from other religions.

Nevertheless, the Old City with Al Aqsa Mosque located on the far southern side of the Temple Mount facing the Holy Mecca and the Dome of the Rock in the middle sacred to Islam and the Muslim community site, as Waqf would be part of the Palestinian territory.

Israeli government enforced controversial ban on prayer by non-Muslim visitors at the site creating false perception to be lifted for religious and communal harmony besides promoting tourism for the legitimate authority.

Israel sovereignty: Premised on Land for peace – Arab recognition of Israel sovereignty directly linked to Israel honoring Palestinian statehood per the defined goals.

The trend reversal from chaos to calmness rests on reciprocation for bilateral and regional peace.

Right to Return: Palestinian diaspora – the refugees in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and across the Middle East in particular, return to post-independent Palestine could be reinstated as Palestinian citizens in Palestinian territory.

They could potentially be economic migrants contributing to productivity and development in Gaza – the coastal strip subjected to the ill effects of warfare.

Simultaneously, immigration laws applicable for entry into Israel and vice versa unless bilateral agreement between Palestinian and Israeli governments boosting economic prospects in education, business and hospitality industry accommodates simplified travel on special visa category.

The contentious issues from the Palestinian side arguably are Israeli occupation, settlements expansion, check posts and borders.

Repeating the process from 2005 in Gaza – Complete withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers in addition to dismantling check posts from all Palestinian territories required in compliance with UN resolution on Palestinian statehood.

Non-acceptance or dismissal would constitute international treaty breach with economic sanctions, freezing bank accounts and diplomatic ties, transportation blockade on aviation, marine and ground access as consequences to rejecting peace accord.

Israeli-Palestinian crisis has prolonged for decades averting peace and instead intransigence prevailing over reason.

Neither the loss of innocent lives in Palestine and Israel be in vain,

Nor Palestinians plea to UN General Assembly ignored diminishing the international organization stature and credibility as trustworthy entity to preside over humanitarian affairs in a fair and judicious manner.

United Nations Security Council and General Assembly members are once again entrusted with the task of ending people suffering synonymous to UNGA action in 1948 towards Israel.

Global endorsement at the United Nations General Assembly would expedite imminent Palestine statehood identity.

UNGA members abstinence or nay vote in this regard could imply them cowering to influential power undermining national sovereignty and independent status.

Israel could share the inevitable peace and progress as a reliable ally and innovative partner.

Attempts to discard permanent resolution on Israeli Palestinian dispute evidently detrimental to world security reverting to cyclical violence.

Israel and Palestine have been burying their future with youth caught in the crossfire.

Palestinian younger generation forced to waste precious life in captivity and concurrently Israeli citizens in the same age group conscripted for indefinite deployment in Palestine and commissioned to perpetual harassment not barring killings against their will.

Time to cease settlement and hostility for a new beginning.

Best Wishes and Good Luck! To Palestine and Israel for successful two-state coexistence in peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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