Palestine – Rebirth of Arab Nation Restoring 1948 Sovereignty

June 8, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The illegal establishment of Israel on Palestinian land in 1948 is the fundamental reason behind Palestinian misery and humanity suffering worldwide.

Since creation of Israel through deception implementing Balfour declaration, terrorism was introduced then and continued by the same entities denying innocent citizens peaceful existence in their country or anywhere for that matter.

Middle East peace talks for over six decades subverted facilitating Israel complete occupation of meager land left for native Palestinians following Israeli aggression in 1967 that legitimize neo-colonialism in the absence of standard practices against Israel such as indictments for war crimes and continuous oppression, persecution of Palestinians and Syrians in the occupied Golan Heights by Israel.

Palestinian plight for generations with mere condemnations on Israeli crimes and atrocities is lip service allowing Israel to perpetuate tyranny due to lack of accountability.

The formation of UN as an international organization but essentially serving the key powers vested interests leaving the rest of the world at their mercy interestingly coincides with invasion of Palestinian land almost in a manner pre-arranged to set up Israel among Arab nations in the Middle East.

In the twenty first century similar plan under Project for New American Century (PNAC) launched with terror attack on American soil to sway public opinion on pre-meditated warfare against Islamic nations aimed at strategic and economic gains while using NATO members like Turkey to invade neighbor Syria.

The primary goal promoting Israel’s aspirations for regional usurpation and spreading beyond pursued at all costs using American treasure and victim nations blood in a cold and calculated predisposition with consequences never being part of the equation in the delusion.

Palestinians enduring horrendous crimes under Israeli authoritarianism with western powers complicity thus far expected to accept status quo as their destiny.

Israel’s dehumanization of Palestinians and Syrians in Golan Heights is the norm forbidding rationality to intervene in the systemic abuse of power.

The gross human rights violations on international watch stigmatize human race for tolerance to flagrant injustice in the modern age.

On the occasion of Global March to al-Quds, the rebirth of Palestine restoring 1948 sovereignty is a viable solution to more than sixty years old distortion that claimed Arab land with no justification.

In response to predictable reaction – the objection to the invocation has no merit considering unlawful settlements in West Bank and al-Quds,

Gaza blockade, demolition of homes and livelihoods restricting Gaza fishing community from fishing in tiny portion of international waters.

Crushing olive and almond trees prohibiting Palestinian farmers from growing crops and produce to build settlers colony.

Contamination of wells and limiting water supply to Palestinian residents in West Bank, al-Quds and Gaza causing health hazards amid economic sanctions cutting off medical provisions and life saving drugs from arrival into Palestinian territory.

Poisonous gas delivery to Gaza hospitals resulting in death of at least four Palestinian patients in the Israeli controlled coastal enclave.

The indefinite detention of Palestinian youth as young as eleven years old children in Israeli gulag extending the concept to United States run GITMO, Britain and Australian concentration camps in Afghanistan…and.

Last but not the least daily killings including terrorizing of children, women and elderly by raiding and ransacking their homes is regarded as prerogative flaunting supremacy on the weak and vulnerable population.

As for the settlers and occupiers on Palestinian land, repatriation to Europe would be conducive – England and Germany in particular bear responsibility given the former role as an imperialist adopting divide and conquer strategy until today for fragmentation of sovereign states and destruction of societies relevant to Palestinian calamity.

Israel emulating the latter viz. Germany in neo-Nazi rule from inception to this moment with no inclination to change course evident in the intensified brutality against Palestinians and neighbors in the region.

Furthermore, Britain and allies expressing deep concern for nuclear-armed Israel’s security could perhaps afford better care by receiving colonizers from Palestinian land to retlocate to Europe – their original domain.

The transmigration would not only be constructive in terms of Israeli resettlement in Britain, Germany and other parts of Europe but also eliminate hostility and volatility in the Middle East.

Palestinians as natives are entitled to reclaim sovereignty and restore life with dignity seized from them in the western intrusion and systematic polarization of civilizations around the world.

Most importantly, upon revival of independent Palestinian state denuclearization and demilitarization of Middle East would bring instantaneous peace and serenity to the zone stifled in Israel’s overwhelming military and discreet nuclear policy.

The issues related to Palestinians refugees right of return to their homeland and diverse arguments raised by Israel would be Palestinian internal affairs and resolved accordingly to benefit unified Palestinian cause.

Likewise, Syrian Golan Heights liberation from Israeli and UN peacekeeping beleaguerment with repossession of territory by Syria conforms to natural process.

All are born to be free and none are exempt from judgment based on deeds that defines the real direction during and after life.

Palestine rebirth adapting to 1948 territory is the effective recognition and acknowledgment of Palestinian republic pledged to peace, freedom and equality.

Wishing Palestinian and Syrian citizens enormous success with renewed hope turning into reality for a new beginning devoid of subjugation, violence and dominance.

Peace to Palestine and Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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