Palestine – Peace Negotiation Requirement Process

July 28, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Israel initiated peace talks with Palestinian PLO leadership Mahmoud Abbas premised on Israel’s political referendum seeking Israeli citizens mandate exclusively determine Israel’s interest.

However, the other side viz. the native Palestinians including refugees forced to leave homeland as victims of prolonged occupation due representation is imperative for meaningful outcome.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cabinet decision to release Palestinian detainees is welcome and a positive step in humanitarian perspective.

Again the measure implemented in action with unconditional return of all inmates to their families is important for further discussion on other issues surrounding the nearly six and half decades old crises.

The illegal settlements in West Bank and al-Quds along with Israeli troop deployment in occupied territories being the bone of contention among diverse issues – the situation deserves immediate attention beginning with construction termination and IDF forces withdrawal from Palestinian land.

Similarly, in the coastal enclave Gaza – Israeli leadership lifting unilateral blockade since 2007 crippling Gaza economy and citizens survival is crucial for Gazans participation in the dialogue.

The idea of peace process requires strong foundation with removal of obstacles outlined above in addition to enabling Palestinian population the self-determination rights through comprehensive and inclusive contribution in the critical statehood matter.

Any efforts to circumvent main concerns and controversial territorial disputes could unnecessarily hinder reconciliation prospects in the long overdue peaceful settlement.

Israeli authorities desire for discourse demonstrated in redressing fundamental causes behind human rights violation and colonization denying Palestinians life with dignity is essential to move forward in direct engagement.

Considering previous involvements in deriving peaceful solution to Mideast problems derailed with contradictory response to agreements,

Palestinian apprehensions and mistrust in this context is understandable and legitimately shifts the burden of responsibility on Israel to meet with Palestinian people expectations and compliance of international law.

The endeavor would be fruitful upon Israel’s sincere commitment delivered in recognition of Palestinian independence and sovereign status eliminating Israeli control over Palestinian lives and territorial integrity.

Furthermore, the key factor is to renounce obsolete strategies to gain advantage under false pretexts and instead adopting rational approach for greater good and common benefit is prudent to end the embattled matter.

Palestinian consent to peace deal is entirely dependent on the occupying power political will to honor Palestinian liberty without Israel’s rule in the beleaguered territory.

Israeli leaderships are urged to pursue constructive course in not only bringing the stalemate to conclusion but also for regional stability and security.

Wishing success in expeditious resolution of Palestinian freedom struggle.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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