Palestine – Israeli Aggression on Gaza

November 17, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The latest Israeli aggression against people in Gaza is reprehensible considering the disproportionate force exerted upon 1.7 million population held hostage in the beleaguered state with crippling economic blockade since 2007 continued with relentless bombing facilitated by United States military and financial aid exponentially increased under the current administration.

Israel shelling with U.S. provided ammunitions spares none not even infants, teenagers and elderly citizens in the recent onslaught of innocent civilians barely surviving on the coastal enclave.

U.S. administration stance in support of Israeli belligerence is deplorable and deserves worldwide condemnation.

The White House statement directly from the President favoring Israel’s position as self-defense reveals the true colors predicted prior to re-election.

United States and Israeli leaderships are obviously misguided by hawkish policymakers showing no respect for life except their own safeguarded at taxpayers expense conforming to prevalent class delineation of 99% vs. 1% in domestic and foreign policy.

Not to mention the authorities misplaced priorities targeting the oppressed Palestinians for respective advantage rather than shifting desperately required attention on dire economy is indicative of political maneuver.

Israel with United States unequivocal support regardless of reason is engaged in genocide through economic and military warfare against Palestinians in direct violation of international law.

Israel has always maintained the privilege of remaining above the law rejecting every possible international rule and UN resolutions that are otherwise promptly applicable to law abiding nations categorized U.S. and Israel’s adversary.

The U.S. approved Israel’s military incursions and illegal invasion of Gaza is counterproductive and provocative fomenting anti-American and Israeli sentiments with drastic impact on citizens of two countries in terms of business, travel and other economic as well as trade activities further exacerbating western economy.

Israeli political leadership immediate responsibility lies with electorate demanding effective measures to improve dissipating economic and job growth instead of exhausting defense inventory over Gaza residents ignoring backlash in several different ways in accordance with natural law – every action bears consequences seeking doers reflection for necessary modification in changing course to avert imminent self-disaster.

Hence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Force (IDF) command are urged to exercise restraint and ceasefire without any procrastination that could be a potential liability on the economic and political front for incumbency misleading the state of Israel towards unaffordable conflict.

Upon Israel cessation of violence, the Palestinian government in Gaza, Hamas could similarly end retaliation with rocket firing allowing humanitarian rescue operations to save lives on both sides with locals paying the price in the crossfire.

Israel attacks against Gaza in response to Hamas leaderships pursuing permanent truce with Israel for better ties concluding the unilateral trade embargo on Gaza citizens evidently clarifies Israel’s departure from democracy and peace since the state establishment.

However, Israeli citizens could come forward transcending barriers and restore democracy by calling on the state to renounce violence, oppression and militarization resulting in bloodshed and massive casualties for all.

Notwithstanding Israel’s undemocratic conscription to appease defense industry posing infringement on Israeli youth denied liberty to decline participation in state repression within and outside the society.

Israel presently dictated by Zionist doctrine extended over to the United States foreign policy is designed for self-alienation from the rest of the world.

The architects behind detrimental ideology portraying war mentality conspicuously care less about Israel and United States interests seriously jeopardized in the leaderships’ fervor to appease the military industrial complex.

Nonetheless, it is never too late for Israeli and American civil society to come together with one voice and unanimously oppose Israel and United States existing military strategy responsible for perpetual tension and destruction in the entire region spreading world over.

Israeli electorate could demonstrate their preference between eternal violence and peace by choosing political party vowed to protecting life at home and across the borders along with honoring sovereignty, territorial integrity, right to exist and rights to self-determination of neighbors especially the Palestinians in occupied land.

Unfortunately, Zionism unlike Judaism is not a religion created by super natural entity.

The religions initiated by Almighty God espouse human values that is innately compassionate, caring and generous constantly evolving for self-betterment benefitting humanity at large.

Zionism premised on greed, violence and corruption is a political platform with concentrated power among selective members formed as a group and presumptuously consider themselves formidable with imposition of erroneous policies to the point of no return.

The clueless ideologues aspirations for regional and subsequently global dominance is based on destructive means usurping power despite systemic failure with domino effect on various structural models bound for imminent collapse.

Undeniably hegemony neo liberalization on the economy combined with neo conservatism and Zionism directed at territorial conquest is the existential threat to global society.

Solidarity movement pledging assistance to Gaza victims and Palestinian struggle for statehood decisively coming into fruition at the forthcoming UN General Assembly vote in November 2012 in semblance with Israel state recognition by UNGA in 1948 is paramount for Palestine and Israel co-existence that would inevitably guarantee world peace.

The military combat mission by Israel against Gaza is best abandoned adopting peaceful methods and constructive path utilizing communication and dialogue in dispute settlement.

Violence never resolves crises and instead prolongs unsustainable mayhem all around.

On that rational thought, Israeli leadership and Hamas are required to refrain from exchanging missiles and terminate military confrontation to enable the wounded and survivors on the relevant domain for speedy recovery.

With sincere condolences to families and dependents mourning on the losses of their loved ones in the preventable assault,

Wishing peace and freedom to people in Gaza and Palestine as an independent sovereign state with Israel a republic governed democracy committed to non-violence and harmony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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