Palestine – Israel Shelling in Gaza and Illegal Settlements in Al-Quds (East Jerusalem)

October 22, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories viz. West Bank and East Jerusalem is carried out with militancy utilizing United States weapons and three billion dollars monetary aid to the state of Israel until today.

Over and above the generous economic assistance at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, recently the incumbent administration has extended additional 70 million dollars increasing the sovereign debt burden on U.S. citizens with severe austerity implemented to cut deficit,

Not excluding the current White House plan post election in cohort with Republican agenda to tamper CPI (Consumer Price Index) for artificial adjustment of social security payments due to retirees and those nearing retirement eventually resulting in social security privatization to bankers’ advantage.

Israel as the recipient of U.S. military and economic funds expends the artillery against unarmed civilians in besieged Gaza and finance encroachment of the remaining meager Palestinian land exerting ideological reason without being subjected to sanctions or accountability.

United States administration regardless of political affiliation unflinching allegiance through economic and military provisions while ignoring citizens’ domestic requirements emboldens Israel’s militarization and beleaguerment in Palestine.

Israel’s shelling of Gaza continues with the latest blockade on humanitarian relief involving Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attack on the Finnish Ship Estelle seizing essential supplies and forcing the cruise liner to abort mission.

The encounter apparently not devoid of injuries and grave danger to passenger lives – many were reportedly humanitarian workers on board to alleviate Gazans plight.

The densely populated Gaza consisting 1.7-million inhabitants trapped in a tiny strip of land enduring daily bombing and oppression rendering life unbearable with the so-called civilized world especially the western powers preoccupation in decimation of Syria subsequent to Iraq and Libya.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the government defiance of international law, Geneva conventions and humanitarian rules that are regularly imposed upon Syria, Iran, Lebanon and other nations regarded adversary by the prominent UNSC members in their justification of double standards despite the prevalent discriminatory practices posing credibility problem in international crises resolution.

Israeli authority determination to invalidate Palestinians as part of the human race demonstrated in yet another controversial measure.

The construction of 800 illegal settlements along with eight-story military academy underway in the internationally recognized Palestinian territory – Al-Quds (East Jerusalem) on United States and western allies watch could he interpreted as approval considering passivity restricted to superficial public statements not necessarily exemplified in action to deter Israel’s blatant human rights violation.

Contrarily, both United States and EU never waste an opportunity to convene UNSC emergency sessions declaring crippling economic and financial embargo to punish citizens in Iran, Syria or anyone considered impediments to their strategic and economic interests for hegemony global dominance.

Palestinian suffering exacerbated by the hour with United States and EU complicity in the absence of censure against Israel’s policy perpetuating aggression.

Hence, the international community is urged to come forward on humanitarian and ethical grounds rejecting the status quo in occupied Palestine with effective steps parallel to response towards South African apartheid regime i.e. boycott economic sources affecting revenues from tourism and trade facilitating authoritarianism and,

The conspicuous bias concerning political freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity and rights to self-determination touted as the U.S. and western allies premise to destabilize Middle Easter states and region.

Israel honoring Palestinian rights ceasing issue of building permits in East Jerusalem and West Bank combined with evacuation of Jewish settlers – an estimated half a million volunteers from within Israel as well as Europe and United States since 1967 military invasion relocated to establish self-prophesized promised land against spiritual and international norm could potentially avert disaster on the horizon through cause and effect phenomena.

The illegal residents enticed with benefits and free housing in Palestinian land are perceived as economic opportunists resisting international pressure by violently targeting native Palestinians with ammunitions presumably supplied from United States destroying olive groves and livelihood in the area.

Humility generates compassion and patience tested beyond tolerance is self-detrimental for the origin leading to irreversible outcome.

Pragmatism subscribing to rational approach ceding colonization and reconciliation with reality i.e. acknowledgment of imminent Palestinian independence for peaceful two state co-existence is beneficial to all.

Wishing the peace activists success in liberating Palestine and restoring tranquility for Israeli and Palestinian progress.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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