Palestine – Israel Immediate Ceasefire Critical to Save Life on Both Sides

November 21, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Israeli political leadership reluctance to ceasefire is contributing to mounting casualties in Gaza and few in Southern Israel.

Immediate ceasefire is critical to save lives on both sides allowing thousand and more injured in Gaza access to medical treatment currently not accessible due to Israel’s relentless air and sea assault targeting civilians with infants and teenagers among the rising death toll by the hour.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak along with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman authorizing continuous bombing against people in Gaza are ignoring reality that they are effectively hurting their own citizens in Southern Israel under attack from rockets fired in retaliation to showering Israeli explosions on besieged Gaza.

The permanent relief from military aggression is not only imperative to protect lives but also necessary to avert potential catastrophe for Israel within society considering the latent public frustration regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu administration’s misplaced priority for Gaza invasion neglecting Israel’s dire economy reflected in the recent incidents involving Israeli citizens self immolation in public square.

Proceeding with onslaught would further damage Israel and western powers especially United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand…eligibility to participate as trustworthy partners in international affairs management.

Further escalating violence by inflicting death on unarmed defenseless civilians in Gaza could unnecessarily endanger United States and United Kingdom troops in the Persian Gulf including the respective nationals touring Middle East on pleasure or business trip subjected to risks and subsequent safe evacuation.

Israeli authorities air strikes aimed at the church under construction and Jewish settlers burning mosque in the occupied territory surprisingly has not been condemned by the religious hierarchy such as the Vatican although such reckless engagement against holy sites constitutes sacrilege in the highest order.

Meanwhile, Arab League missing in action shares similar non-commitment and merely limited to expression despite in possession of valuable bargaining chip i.e. freezing oil supply to Israel and western powers backing genocide upon failure to instantaneous ceasefire.

Since Israel’s massacre onset claiming lives disproportionately in Gaza and threatening Southern Israel residents safety in the Likud leadership’s bizarre attempt to display formidability guaranteeing national security evidently become the reason behind permanent tension denying Israel and Palestinians normal existence.

The procrastination in ending military operation only exacerbates Gazans and Israeli suffering that could be easily avoided through desperately required ceasefire.

Again behind the scenes maneuver between Israeli leadership and United States biased stance promotes delay rather than expediting peaceful resolution in order to prevent bloodshed in Gaza and consequently in Israel.

Global society on their part could persevere with non-violent protests applying pressure on governments especially the western leaderships responsible for their ‘unequivocal support’ to Prime Minister Netanyahu decision to maintain status quo specifically killing innocent children, women and elderly citizens in Gaza and likewise some deaths in Southern Israel.

Additionally the citizens around the world could come forward and boycott Israeli merchandise seeking termination of Israel’s naval blockade against Gaza and regular assassinations of Palestinian leaders in the state.

Palestinian civil society initiated non-violent dissent implementing Boycott Divestment Sanctions is yet another mechanism for world citizens to demonstrate solidarity given the United States consistent veto in UNSC legitimate actions against Israel’s constant violation of UN resolutions and international law.

The global efforts combined with Arab league delivery in deeds no longer restricted to words alone could bring Israel pre-emptive air raids to a grinding halt.

With sincere condolences to families and survivors of the deceased in the crime against humanity,

Wishing people in Gaza and Israel solace and courage to overcome the plight and speedy recovery of the wounded in the erroneous military intervention.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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