Palestine – Israel and Hamas Ceasefire Agreement

November 21, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To people in Gaza and Israel along with leaderships in Egypt, Hamas and Israel for the ceasefire agreement reached in respect for life all around.

The ceasefire between Palestinian authority Hamas and Israel representatives brokered by Egypt President Mohammad Morsi is a preliminary step towards reconciliation on Palestinian and Israeli peaceful co-existence.

Although consolation and sympathy would not reverse the consequences from use of force suffered by the victims families,

The loss of lives in the last few days on both sides again disproportionately in Gaza involving infants and teenagers is a great human tragedy serving as a reminder to leaderships to renounce violence and utilize power for constructive purpose.

Political gains earned in improving lives through recognition of freedom, providing economic opportunity and social equality are honorable setting national precedence for a bright future shared amongst all.

Israel and Hamas treaty to end military aggression and retaliation respectively is an important milestone.

However, the real test remains in sustaining calmness resisting any temptation towards ceasefire violation that would also determine public trust expecting leadership to prioritize citizens life and safety on all sides over political agenda.

Israel leadership acceptance to open Gaza strip crossings facilitating people movement is a humane response and lifting naval blockade that has deprived Gaza residents normal living conditions would exemplify Israel’s commitment to recent accord.

Furthermore, provocation in terms of targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders or experimenting defense capability at civilian expense in Gaza could be substituted with acknowledgment of territorial integrity and legitimate political power with Hamas being the democratically elected government in Gaza.

Likewise Hamas persistence with peaceful negotiations replacing rocket firing would promote diplomacy required for the healing process in Gaza and Southern Israel.

The regional cooperation is equally essential demonstrating collective responsibility in ending Palestinian suffering with statehood and sovereignty that would guarantee long lasting security not only for Israel but entire Middle East.

Subsequently Israel and Palestine could focus on domestic issues and local development creating possibility for better bilateral relations and mutual economic prospects benefitting both states in the long term.

International community participation especially global citizens outpouring empathy was effective in halting the escalation of violence against Gaza.

Similarly peace activism in occupied Palestinian domain and Israel led to united front in drawing leaderships’ attention to the crisis.

The global solidarity could play a prominent role in two state solutions coming into fruition in November 2012 at the United Nations General Assembly transcending external intrusions for vested interests proved detrimental to citizens in Israel and Palestine thus far.

With deep appreciation for Egypt President Mohammad Morsi mediation alongside notable contributions from leaderships in Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Russia among other nations,

Israel and Hamas governments’ consensus could be the beginning of the end of the decades old conflict.

Wishing success in the latest ceasefire evolving into a permanent environment for Palestine and Israel.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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