Palestine – Gaza War

August 6, 2014



By Padmini Arhant

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Palestine – Gaza War

Israeli aggression against citizens in Gaza – the warfare in the past 29 days has claimed many civilian lives with children being the majority among them. 

Israeli attacks resulted in more than 1600 casualties and at least 5000 wounded.

Israeli authorities relentless assault on defenseless Gazans cannot be justified regardless of Israel’s allies and media surrogates explanation to international community.

The leaderships in Israel, United States and Britain bear responsibility for the deaths and destruction in Gaza.

The allies defending Israel’s air strikes for nearly a month ignore Israel’s war crimes and human rights violation.

 The war in Gaza is facilitated by United States and other allies military aid to Israel.

United States taxpayer funds allocated for monetary aid amounting to $ 3 billion besides free supply of innovative defense stockpiles to Israel allow use of force on Gaza.

Furthermore, the lack of accountability promotes violence and authorities behind atrocities are evidently granted political impunity.

Any indictments in this regard are selective and isolate nations that are perceived as adversaries while allies such as Israel regularly protected from accepting responsibility.

Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, the invasion in 1967 and subsequently subjugation of Palestine lasting over seven decades confirms world failure to restore fairness and justice.

The permanent members with veto power at the United Nations Security Council remain oblivious to Israel’s air raids and shelling of Gaza.

Had the major powers expressed genuine concern and acted accordingly in expediting ceasefire instead of defending Israel’s military action,

The loss of lives could have been prevented and the population would have received emergency medical assistance especially the severely injured children and women in this unjust and disproportionate military combat situation.

Israel targeting Gaza University, UN school and even hospital in this warfare demonstrates Israel’s contempt for Palestinian lives denying them basic needs for survival.

Israel’s unilateral blockade on Gaza has caused many fatalities and immense human suffering on international watch and compliance.

The Mideast peace process derailed due to controversial settlement activity in West Bank and al Quds, East Jerusalem along side Israel’s persecution of Palestinians not even sparing minors as young as ten and eleven years old is a sign of desperation to prolong oppression.

Whenever invaders as oppressors exceed limits in their abuse of power, the self-destructive course backlash on them conforming to reaping what one sow in life.

The nuclear state Israel involvement in reckless activities using Gaza as launch pad for Israel’s weapons backfiring at Israel is imminent.

The inevitable event upon continuation of status quo could endanger Israel’s existence and such occurrence would entirely be attributed to Israel’s counterproductive strategy.

Israel’s security and stability is directly linked with peaceful reconciliation ending the occupation in Palestine.

The global society recognition of Palestinian statehood as sovereign entity with privileges and rights similar to countries worldwide is paramount for human civilization and progress.

Global peace and freedom is possible when every nation enjoys equal respect and opportunity critical for survival and sustaining territorial integrity.

Palestinians could no longer be suppressed for their resistance against colonization.

Israel’s acknowledgment of Palestinian rights and independence would guarantee Israel’s identity and destiny.

I convey my sincere condolences to victims’ families and wish the wounded speedy recovery.

May God bless Palestinians in reclaiming their homeland bringing the political struggle to conclusion.

Peace to Palestine!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





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