Palestine – Ending Israeli Occupation and Gaza Blockade Immediate Priority

April 12, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Life offers choices and opportunity to mankind. Human development is entirely dependent on utilizing potential constructively benefitting all that in return generates inner power for pervasive distribution promoting self-sufficiency.

Contrarily using endownments and capability towards destruction inevitably precipitate decline and ultimately to extinction.

Whenever human conduct is dictated by greed adopting violence to achieve aspirations beyond reason ignoring dire consequences, the impact is severe and irreversible on the source.

The art of living is in learning from past mistakes and disavow negativity changing course towards self-emancipation and betterment.

Again repeating the same errors and continuation on detrimental pursuits is defying rationality endangering own survival.

Applying the conditionality on Israel, the regime governed by Zionist doctrine relentlessly targets the base upon which the state exists intensifying brutality against victims i.e. Palestinians with hostility having reached a crescendo dehumanized Israeli authorities and coalition.

Israel upholding the trend in self-righteous egregious actions since inception in 1948 as justification for geopolitical dominance has delegitimized presence in the Middle East through 1967 invasion of Arab land starting with Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Not to mention the deceit and betrayal of benefactor until today – the United States under Israeli attack on USS liberty forced to sacrifice marines denying them due honorable service and subsequently the direct involvement in heinous 9/11 onslaught on American soil.

The massive cover up to protect the war ravenous so-called ally that persistently remains the major liability to American tax payers extracting multi billion dollars – $123 billions a year with only $3 billion in public disclosure while leaving vast majority U.S. citizens in poverty and critical economic condition is a relation flagrantly abusive.

Additionally, the burden on American generation exponentially increased with Israel’s belligerence expended at United States military aid and warfare for regime change shifting the costs in trillions to none other than average American families depriving them of decent life.

Israel’s wanton provocation and ambitions never to come into fruition has peaked with Washington collusion committing treason against United States – the nation they are elected to serve instead depleting national treasury to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East.

United States sovereignty long undermined and American population conveniently reserved for shedding blood and sweat in the combat zone and failing economy respectively to satisfy hegemony perpetual desire to invade and occupy foreign shores seizing natural resources and exploiting human capital in the domain.

Israeli atrocities against Palestinians from illegal occupation, annihilation and decimation of lives and livelihoods to aggression resulting in several deaths of detainees held under unlawful administrative detention with colonization viz. settlement expansion tops notoriety in human rights violation.

Meanwhile in the beleaguered enclave Gaza, Israeli shelling is ongoing practice invariably aimed at children, women and vulnerable natives in the occupied territory.

Although gruesome oppression involves assaults on Gaza frequently testing United States funded iron dome efficiency despite Palestinian casualty,

The worst trait demonstrated in unilateral illegal Israeli blockade imposed since June 2007 and lately tightened barring humanitarian goods, food supplies and all economic requirements threatening citizens existence.

Gaza residents suffering further exacerbated with Egypt authority demolition of 250 tunnels that was lifeline for the trapped citizens to receive essentials due to Israeli restrictions on fishing, farming and industrial growth affecting unemployment rate in Gaza to 33% – the highest in any standard.

Egypt decision is linked with Israel instigated unrest in Gaza-Egypt border – the Rafah crossing prompting Egypt to flood tunnels preventing Gazans access to bare minimum disregarding their plight.

The problems for citizens in Gaza culminated with United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) assistance withdrawal and closing food distribution depots in the past week.

The killing of Palestinians on daily basis in Gaza, West Bank and al-Quds, East Jerusalem, the capital of Palestinian State exceed much discussed twentieth century holocaust with history repeating itself in Israel crimes against humanity.

Notwithstanding western and gulf regimes complicity in Israeli persecution of Palestinians allows Tel Aviv cart blanche in human degradation policy.

The peace movement and Boycott Divestment Sanctions to raise awareness are praiseworthy,

However, the effective strategy would be to denounce and reject facilitators extending boycott to partners in crime – United States, Britain, CANADA, France, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and others kowtowing Zionist ideology.

Having exhausted diplomacy and peaceful coercion unsuccessfully on Israel, the leadership and those behind extemporaneous concepts implemented as laws against Palestinians including others in the region,

The state of Israel is forewarned unequivocally on impending stakes ahead in travelling down egocentric hyperbolic lane epitomized in dismissal of universal norms and principles applicable to all without exception consistently declined in adherence.

Israel determination to perpetuate violations not only towards Palestine but also against neighbors in Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Egypt for establishment of greater Israel with gulf dictatorships subservience is a suicide mission for Israel and allies conforming to end justifying the means in the imminent non-existence status.

Hence, the only option to avert looming apocalypse for Israel and alliance is to arrest imperialistic quest and abandon ill-fated delusional hegemonic goals for individual and collective salvation.

Israel procrastination and refusal to terminate occupation of Palestine, Golan Heights in Syria and lifting Gaza sanctions together with unconditional release of all Palestinian hostages in captivity would expedite myriad challenges in epic proportion.

World solidarity in liberating Palestine and thwarting prevalent anti-humanity agenda is critical to sustain life, global peace and security.

Tolerance to injustice in Palestine over decades has contributed to widespread overt and covert subjugation across the globe.

International community complacency to Palestinian ordeal could deliver similar experience for them in a matter of time.

Palestinian resistance and peace activists around the world are urged to consolidate efforts leading to Palestinian statehood recognition as a sovereign nation with citizens rights to self-determination and territorial integrity.

Heartfelt condolences to survivors and dependents of detainees died in Israel’s prisons –

The martyrs – Arafat Jaradat, Maisarah Abu Hamdiah and the latest death in Israel’s Nafha prison with name yet to be published per local and overseas report.

Wishing Palestinians freedom from struggles with Almighty God’s grace and blessing for a new beginning and promising future.

Peace to people in Palestine!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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