Palestine – Addressing Major Issues Central To Peace Negotiation

August 3, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Israeli cabinet decision to release all Palestinian detainees prior to negotiations is yet to be carried out and peace talks held despite Israel’s inaction confirms lack of concern for Palestinian plight especially with inmates health deterioration due to prolonged hunger strike.

Palestinian victims expectation from Palestinian officials invited to second round of meeting with Israeli authorities is to end unlawful detention in addition to two other contentious problems viz. settlements expansion and Gaza blockade as initial requirement before proceeding further.

Otherwise the process perceived as a formality favoring the occupier without implementation of remedy to core issues in the decades old dispute.

Moreover the earlier interaction details were not revealed except for the ritual described as positive.

In order to receive Palestinian support, transparency and obliging basic criteria outlined above is necessary for authenticity.

Palestinian cause premised on sincere commitment from all sides in addressing citizens suffering critical for viable and sustainable peace.

International al-Quds day observed on August 2, 2013 was not merely symbolic and expressed global solidarity to Palestinian independence struggle.

Israeli leadership serious attention and result oriented involvement is important to win Palestinian trust and global acknowledgment.

Failure to focus on the framework in Palestinian representation would render the exercise futile and mislead in direction exacerbating Palestinian misery.

The immediate priorities such as returning Palestinian prisoners to their families followed by settlement freeze and Israeli forces withdrawal from occupied territories as well as lifting Gaza blockade instrumental for meaningful outcome.

Palestinian leaders participating in dialogue seeking citizens consent on matter encompassing urgent and ongoing challenges posing impediments to Palestinian survival would promote confidence and reliability.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaration for referendum allowing Israeli citizens to decide on impending developments is equally relevant to Palestinian population deserving similar extension and opportunity through plebiscite.

The methods reflecting fairness and equality are the foundation for constructive discourse.

The major breakthrough in holding these sessions is dependent on Israeli leadership political will delivered in honoring Palestinian self-determination rights and territorial integrity.

Unless there is conformity in this respect, diplomacy cannot guarantee anything beyond protocol adherence to impress upon selective audience.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders efforts would be worthwhile in recognition of basic fact that elimination of abovementioned obstacles is the preliminary step towards progress.

Palestinian leaders are urged to value Palestinian popular aspirations and reservations considering setbacks experienced subsequent to peace accord since onset of crises.

Israeli authorities simultaneously rising to the occasion and fulfilling agreement beginning with detainees freedom from captivity and compliance of international law on settlement freeze and removal of illegal embargo on Gaza pertinent to reach the milestone in arduous peace journey.

In a nutshell, attempts to derive solutions in the absence of reviewing and redressing key components contributing to stalemate could only produce frustration and continuation of status quo.

Wishing success in peaceful resolution on reclaiming Palestinian sovereignty.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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