Pakistan – Old Habits Die Hard

February 27, 2019

Pakistan – Old Habits Die Hard

Padmini Arhant

What in the world is Pakistan trying to establish and gain from self-destructive endeavors? 

When such egregious engagement only deliver irreversible outcome and economic liability.

Prime Minister Imran Khan your overture for peace and dialogue while your Pakistan army and ISI parade the courageous Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot in your captivity blindfolded as if he is the prisoner of war when he was actually defending his nation, India in your retaliation effort targeting Indian military assets as your response favoring terror operatives in your soil is disingenuous at best and derogatory at worst to your sovereign status and the concept of democracy.  

Pakistan holding own population hostage to support and foster terror networks wreaking havoc not only against India but world over is condemnable.

Prime Minister Imran Khan – it is a well known fact that Pakistan citizens have been deprived of democracy by your Pakistan Army and ISI since the birth of your country on August 14th, 1947.

You above all have acknowledged when you were exploring political opportunity post your cricket career and subject to incarceration as political dissident. 

Pakistan not destined for peace and stability is the establishment motto and they have maintained belligerence with gusto much to Pakistan’s failed economy and desperate situation in all frontiers.

Pakistan’s aerial attack aimed at India’s military installations foiled successfully on Wednesday morning subsequent to IAF decimation of terror group JeM in Balakot, Pakistan in counter terror act the previous day clearly demonstrates reality.

Pakistan establishment’s commitment not to the people of Pakistan instead the terror outfits nurtured and deployed to destabilize nations sharing border with Pakistan is amplified in such reaction. 

Sadly for ordinary Pakistani citizens bearing the brunt of this bizarre trait among Pakistan establishment declining to renounce terror, violence and wanton aggressions is deeply regrettable.

At the end of the day, Pakistan is paying the price in protecting and providing refuge to terror factions claiming local citizens lives within the state and across the borders.

Pakistan establishment premised on hardline bellicose rhetoric and impulsive strategies proved detrimental  in Pakistan’s history.

The world is witnessing Pakistan establishment’s unconditional loyalty to criminal terror activists and organization dispensing the state’s artillery and resources for offensive purpose. Pakistan establishment’s trend bolstering terrorism only further isolates the Islamic state.

Accordingly, Pakistan declares itself a threat not only to India and its neighbors all around enduring relentless terror attacks and insurgency originating from its soil but also their actions endanger humanity at large.

Under these circumstances, Pakistan continues to descend the path of acrimony rather than harmony and pursuing unnecessary undesirable tensions that are counterproductive.

Pakistan establishment’s terror promotion and sponsoring is abhorrent. The army and intelligence expected to serve the nation and people unlike the contradictory tradition harming own survival regardless of impact on Pakistan is anything but conducive.

Importantly, the establishment detachment from civilian rule in their country allowing democracy to exist would be the saving grace for a nation confronted with contemporary challenges demanding positive evolution.

Pakistan establishment release of the IAF pilot identified as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman for safe return to India is paramount for any peace initiatives critical in the otherwise escalating hostility to safeguard terror infrastructure in Pakistan.

The military superiority utilized in purging terror within Pakistan not fueling and funding terror against India and neighbors would justify cause against terrorisn – the universal  enemy of humanity and peace.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 







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