Pakistan – Azadi Mubarak! (Happy Independence Day!)

August 14, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Azadi Mubarak! To citizens of Pakistan commemorating 66th anniversary of independence day.

Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on August 14 every year and the event rejoiced with political and social customs.

Although liberation is a cause for celebration, the national day also a reminder to review status quo and address issues confronting the nation.

Pakistan deprived of civilian rule until recently yet to experience coherence essential for political stability.

The uphill battle for Pakistan is curbing violence and terrorism claiming innocent lives within the country spreading across Afghanistan and India.

Pakistan army, police force and government together could gain considerably in eliminating foreign sources funded and promoted terror infrastructure including ammunitions influx into the country.

Another factor not unique to Pakistan, however affecting national sovereignty is external powers influence over military and intelligence apparatus notwithstanding corruption in political system having pervasive impact on society.

After sixty-six years since creation of Pakistan, the nation struggles to decline hegemony infiltration representing imperialism and extremism reining control over the nuclear state.

Pakistan has tremendous potential to move the nation forward upon restoring security currently sabotaged in the absence of unequivocal rejection of CIA paramilitary and private contractors presence exacerbated with Saudi financing of religious schools such as madrassas aimed at exploitation of the poor faciltiating radicalism and Takfiri elements behind unrest in the Indian sub-continent.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif administration and political opposition face challenges in many frontiers and the priority besides economy is safety and normalcy for citizens in Pakistan and neighbors in the region.

Political will combined with commitment reflected in policies would guarantee positive outcome on national and international goals.

Pakistan efforts to improve bilateral and trilateral relations with India and Afghanistan would benefit the population of all three nations considering the pursuits not necessarily welcome among powers aspiring dominance through polarization evident in cross border activities involving killing of soldiers along Pakistan and India Line of Control (LOC) and bombing of Indian consulate in Kabul.

Nonetheless, Pakistan leaderships across the spectrum and civil society perseverance transcending religions and communal barriers could begin a new chapter in history in recognition of one another as allies rather than adversaries easing tensions instigated by foreign nations through false propaganda and bias reporting for respective vested interests capitalizing on human plight.

Pakistan leaderships initiatives in this regard is noteworthy and further expansion in trade, cultural exchange, education, environment and humanitarian affairs would strengthen peace required for individual as well as regional growth and development.

Wishing people in Pakistan peaceful co-existence with a promising future for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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