Pakistan – NATO Strike and U.S. Occupation

December 2, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Yet another NATO strike claiming two civilian lives this time after the week end assault resulting in 25 Pakistan soldiers casualties deserves valid explanation from the source responsible for the action worthy of condemnation.

The world’s super power United States led NATO taking pride in sophisticated artillery especially precision technology engaged in mistaken targets or imprecise attacks earlier in Libya and continued in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan exacerbates the growing mistrust in western power presence presumed occupying force’s unnecessary provocation.

Apologizing for mistakes towards incidents involving loss of innocent lives is accepting responsibility with humility and offering condolences to victims’ families highlights individual compassion – the two fine attributes defines basic human nature.

Again the stature is not diminished instead fortified upon extending genuine empathy to heal the wounded relationship considering the critical situation with troop across the border and emboldened hardliners undue advantage in the otherwise amicable crisis management.

Besides the grim oversight in the repeat aggression having escalated tension with standing order from Pakistan military high command to retaliate in response to recurring fire endanger life and regional stability.

Unlike Iran, Pakistan is a nuclear state sharing borders with two other nuclear nations – India and China.

Unless the goal is anything other than establishing peace the dangerous incitement would be catastrophic for the perpetrators underestimating the underlying risks in pre-emptive warfare evolving into nuclear confrontation.

United States rational approach to reduce friction is primarily dependent on softening stance through diplomacy rather than bellicose rhetoric flaring anti-western sentiments in the increasingly volatile relation jeopardizing foreign aid workers, armed personnel and contractors’ safety in Pakistan.

U.S. and NATO operation over the decade in the so-called war on terror has expanded troop deployment, proliferated arms supply and facilitated militancy subjugating Pakistan and Afghanistan including Central Asia as permanent military base alongside rejecting sovereignty of these nations demonstrated in Abbottabad raid declining to present evidence confirming defunct process.

Pakistan decision to redefine terms beginning with U.S. vacating air base is justified predominantly due to bloodshed from incessant violence post 9/11 with no end in sight gaining access to experiment defense industry stockpiles breeding terror and cross border conflicts.

Global power standard practice in corrupting the system with military aid preventing functional democracy in semblance to infiltration in neighboring India promoting controversial nuclear deal and foreign direct investments in retail despite the policies adverse effects on mainstream population and local traders respectively elaborates the definitive objectives for regional colonization.

Insidious techniques for dominance subverting parliament sanctity through loyalists in the military, intelligence and civil institutions compromise statehood and national security.

Throughout the world, the conglomerate rein control over resources and territory for economic and strategic interest instigating discord within society.

The military industrial complex together with oligarchy remains the biggest threat to humanity.

Pakistan review of military and intelligence service in the alliance would be effective provided the elements in the relevant organizational structure contributing to overseas and internal terror networks empowerment are identified and eliminated restoring discipline and honor to national defense.

Most importantly, military and intelligence agency delineation from politics and governance could deter external intrusion reinstating republic rule with political viability to buttress peace and economic growth in the embattled zone.

As for ties renewal with United States – Pakistan and U.S engagement premised on trust, and mutual respect is invaluable for common pursuit i.e. sustainable peace and economic development.

The current political standoff could be ended with U.S. initiative in recognizing Pakistan’s sovereignty exemplified in complete withdrawal from the sub-continent.

Pakistan in exchange could allow transportation of essential goods to troop in Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds and expedite U.S and NATO departure from the region.

Additionally, Pakistan’s commitment to dismantle groups associated with terror plots and antipathy towards perceived rivals is paramount to revive national image and international acknowledgment.

Twenty first century marking supremacy conclusion would free nations struggling for liberty with an opportunity to thrive in the competitive global environment.

With heartfelt condolences to survivors representing deceased soldiers and civilians in the recent tragedy,

Prayers offered for the departed souls to rest in peace and courage to bereaving members in surviving the grievous moment.

Wishing Pakistan a new beginning with peace, progress and prosperity in abundance.

Good Luck! To United States and Pakistan in forging peaceful and strong economic accord for bilateral benefits.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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