Pakistan – International Peace Conference Bonn, Germany

December 5, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The latest developments in the U.S and Pakistan relation are:

NATO advised to cease activity near Pakistan and Afghanistan border specifically territory inside Pakistan in recognition of sovereignty and,

Significantly United States has begun vacating Shamsi air base in Baluchistan – the location used for drone attacks in Pakistan.

Similar action from United States in exiting other air bases within and around Pakistan would address Pakistan’s legitimate concern towards illegal occupation in a sovereign nation.

Nonetheless, the U.S initiatives in this regard are noteworthy with due acknowledgment to President Barack Obama as well as the U.S and NATO military command in the region.

Meanwhile, the current international peace conference held in Bonn, Germany to review Afghanistan future following U.S. and NATO departure is pivotal for regional stability.

United States invitation to Pakistan for valuable contribution is a unique opportunity to demonstrate Pakistan’s commitment towards peace and accepting responsibility in remaining instrumental to Afghanistan’s progress that would directly benefit Pakistan.

The political turmoil and continuous warfare in Afghanistan pervasively impact the neighboring nations particularly Pakistan forced to deal with containing violence as constant priority due to internal terror and cross border insurgency.

As a result Pakistan investments are diverted to combat zone rather than civilian projects diminishing nation’s prospects to compete effectively in the global economy.

U.S. and NATO troop withdrawal from Central Asia and Indian sub-continent would facilitate peace provided the electoral process is not invalidated with foreign power appointed governments for exclusive interests.

Afghanistan’s struggle begins with rural, tribal and the lower income to middle class in the urban areas vulnerability to political system lacking in credibility.

Although politics and corruption are inseparable in practice,

Afghanistan economic output largely affected from systemic abuse of power at various government levels and bureaucracy thriving on bribery and funds funneled from poppy cultivation.

The culture eroding youth aspirations for nation building ultimately end up serving extreme ideological groups opposed to unscrupulous dysfunctional governance with misplaced loyalty.

Furthermore, the foreign dominance with massive troop deployment with no definitive strategy to leave the nation –

Even though the 2014 time table more likely adapting Iraq situation to remain operative through behind the scenes political maneuver and threats exacerbates the situation for the war fatigued population.

Pakistan sharing the experience in this context is in a position to expedite complete termination of foreign occupation not only in own soil but also beyond Afghan borders spreading into Central Asia.

Unless Pakistan participates in international meeting and engage in dialogue with candor,

The efforts to safeguard sovereignty and avert recurring skirmishes potentially looming into major catastrophe would be futile –

Perhaps leading to regrettable lost moments in diplomacy.

Pakistan leaderships – President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani are urged to set aside the recent rift between Washington and Islamabad.

Instead reciprocate to diplomatic course by participating in Bonn conference for insightful input.

Abstinence from international summit only escalates tension that could be easily avoided to pursue strong economic relationship with participants during session.

Besides the event provides Pakistan to play crucial role in redefining terms on security along with presenting anticipated information on measures adopted to eliminate terror networks undermining military, intelligence and civil society in the country.

It is sincerely hoped that Pakistan would grace the occasion by honoring United States and other attendees’ request to join them in the discussion on Afghanistan and regional matter.

Best Wishes to Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States, India and other members for successful outcome at the Bonn Conference.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

















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