Cloud Nine

May 3, 2022

Cloud Nine

Padmini Arhant

The cloud watchers focused on the cloud in the sky remained fixated with the cloud. Their observation evolved into absorption of the cloud details such as shape, size, appearance, movement etc. In the course of their exhaustive cloud gazing with eyes set on the cloud and nothing else, many tripped with some experiencing fatal outcome having not paid attention to anything ahead, behind or around them.

The mishaps and irreversible misery were inevitable considering the cloud watchers obsession not to miss any particulars on the cloud presence in the sky. More joined the cloud watchers and participated in sharing own interpretation and perception of the cloud though not necessarily in correlation with reality.

The cloud went about nature designed patterns such as the cloud prominence in the sky prior to precipitation into rain and permeate in clear blue sky with bright sun shine. The dynamic rainbow from the cloud decorating the sky highlighting the cloud functions is yet another dimension in nature’s wonder.

What more?

On earth – Cloud computing is an innovative drive revolutionizing modern technology in the information age guided by nature.

Amid cloud natural orientation, the cloud watchers obsession with the cloud transform into desperate fixation completely neglecting priorities in own life.

What next?

The intense cloud watching predictably results in them getting washed away in entirety from heavy thunder storm, hail and lightening.

There goes their life not lived for any useful purpose except wasted in floating on Cloud nine over obsession, fixation leading to self-elimination.

Similar to evaporation of ocean producing condensation of clouds returned to the ocean in rainfall,

What goes around eventually comes around.

Do no harm when no desire to do any good is the essence of nature.

Life is a gift and a blessing. Best not squandered in self-destructive cause and malevolence.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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