North Korea Standoff

September 4, 2017

North Korea Standoff

Padmini Arhant


United States is in no position to advise or lecture anyone on nuclear responsibility having been the only nation to have used nuclear arsenal on civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

United States, Israel and NATO allies Britain and France as nuclear powers have not hesitated in deploying nuclear laden missiles and air strikes showering uranium in Fallujah, Iraq then Libya and Syria and White phosphorous on Gaza. So much for understanding nuclear responsibility thus far.

Furthermore in the use of chemical agents – Napalm in Vietnam, supplying biological weapons to former ally ex-President Saddam Hussein during eight years war between Iraq and Iran. Then Iraqi President also used the biological weapons from U.S. against Kurds in Iraq.

In 2012 and onwards U.S.and allies represented terror operatives were armed with chemical substance viz. sarin gas that terror factions used against children, women, elderly and men besides defense personnel in Syria.

In light of above mentioned involvements, United States and those responsible for heinous crimes against humanity have no grounds to find faults in others having set precedence with no limits in reckless conduct.

The hawkish elements with scripted speeches at UNSCthe body with no legitimacy conveniently set up to promote belligerence at will against nations regarded a fair target could no longer exercise arbitrary actions ignoring grave consequences in the region and the rest of the world.

The world was misguided earlier to invade Iraq leaving the oil rich nation infested with terrorists and forcing Iraq to combat terror for nearly half a decade now.

United States objection to North Korea’s nuclear capability would be appropriate upon United States leading the front in universal nuclear disarmament beginning with self-denuclearization. Those who preach must practice for credibility.

United States unequivocally remaining existential threat with military bases worldwide along with NATO endanger lives and habitat.

The illegal invasion and occupation of nations for economic interests and strategic dominance continue to claim lives and shatter prospects of normal existence for war victims.

United States media and press the so-called liberal and conservative alike drum roll for war under any pretext clarifies the system under siege. There is no desire or serious commitment to allow diplomacy and dialogue to defuse crisis.

Such disposition is contradictory to reaction to rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The intolerance to slogans in these protests somehow not shared towards voracious appetite for violence and bloodshed.

The fact of the matter is in the absence of will to abandon wars, military interventions and any form of aggression including terrorism, the sponsors of hostility and offensive engagement care less about loss of lives and irreversible impact evident in the status quo.

United States presence in Korean Peninsula is the cause besides declining to respect sovereignty of nations and regions occupied for vested interests.

Any reasonable minds would recognize these problems and address them with withdrawal of forces, cease military activities and endorse peaceful negotiations as a permanent solution.

The citizens in North and South Korea cannot be deprived of a peaceful resolution to the hyped dispute fueled largely for profits with little or no concern for people in the region.

The de-escalation of tension is possible with peace delegation from South Korea to neighbor and family North Korea for discussion. Both nations perseverance to reach consensus on freezing counterproductive military and nuclear endeavors on all sides would confirm genuine positions and define South Korea’s independent and sovereign statehood as well.

North Korean leadership demonstrating peaceful overtures over nuclear testing would earn international support and bring the standoff to conclusion.

At present, any reason to attack North Korea is experimented and North Korean leadership and military advisers would be wise not to provide fodder to agenda.

Peace has everything to offer upon rational approach whereas confrontations only lead to ruins and rubbles.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission




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