North Korea – Diplomacy And Peaceful Resolution

August 14, 2017

North Korea – Diplomacy And Peaceful Resolution

By Padmini Arhant

The recognition of diplomacy and peaceful resolution to Korean Peninsula standoff is the only way to defuse crises. 

When two sides are engaged in a dispute with the party responsible for the cause refusing to comply in suspending military drills and provocative activities in foreign shores while expecting the other to surrender is anything but diplomatic. 

North Korea ceasing nuclear programs is critical as much as United States and South Korea obliging on their part in halting military operations and base threatening potential for peaceful existence that is long overdue. 

Anytime aggression is exerted expecting the target to agree to terms and conditions that are not necessarily binding on aggressors, such situation exacerbate any diplomacy and dialogue initiatives lacking in credibility.  

United States fragility brought to light in the calibrated terror attack in American soil on September 11, 2001 due to complicity within and so-called allies involvement. The intelligence and then administration inaction further demonstrating the real enemies for U.S. citizens are not offshore but in fact remain in the system held hostage to vested interests. 

Similarly, the tiananmen square massacre with the authorities showing no mercy aptly proved the threat originating from those at the helm rather than perceived foes from outside.

Notwithstanding China’s zero tolerance to political dissent leading to peace activists like Liu Xiaobo death in custody. In addition to these internal and external human rights violations against citizens in the country and occupied land, the leaderships and members representing political and military dias are exempt from accountability. 

From currency adjustment for trade advantage to cyber espionage and attacks, UNSC P5+1 members impunity on crimes that are otherwise condemned against those regarded adversary speaks volume on the council’s premise.  The flawed and fraudulent practice aimed at subjugation of nations for economic resources and strategic dominance is clearly unsustainable. 

Insisting on maintaining failed apparatus i.e. UNSC  results in malfunction hurting operatives behind ill-conceived notion. The experience is evident in unlawful sanctions eliminating prospects for economic progress, global peace and security. Such decision is not viable in the global economy and environment dependent on universal cooperation.

Accordingly, sanctions from those in constant breach of international law is meaningless and invalid. All the more reason for UNSC qualifying as defunct body to preside over international disputes considering the conflict of interest with members being the source of discord.

Sanctions have no place in the domain declared a feee world especially selective imposition to isolate nations declining to bow to unreasonable demands and expectations from forces in contempt of human rights and territorial integrity.

The peaceful settlement on North Korea matter is possible upon all sides accepting responsibility and meeting the commitment to honor sovereign status and protect innocent lives from any unwanted escalation of tension.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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