New World Order Defiance

May 16, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The shadow government in control of world affairs remains defiant in defending the actions thus far despite causing immense suffering to humanity.

While upholding self-righteousness and assertions to privacy on public matter, the members defending the U.S. raid in the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden and the Bush-Cheney administrations’ policies confirm their loyalty to secret society.

The insinuations and attacks enacted in the recent U.S. operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan aimed at the truth seeker is beneath human character exhibiting belligerence thereby expediting the pseudo empire’s inevitable downfall – witnessed in history since time immemorial.

Further denigrating ancient religion on the U.S. Senate floor is an affirmation of the member’s allegiance to New World Order germinating intolerance to other religions, race or ethnicity.

Simultaneously expecting collusion to the catastrophic agenda is anything but democratic.

New World Order derived from imperialistic feudalism has successfully reined control over the global resources and territories through illegal invasion and colonization with the continuous trend in polarization and truth subversion to benefit the privileged few at the rest of the global population plight.

The current demand for cooperation towards status quo to advance human and planet annihilation is declined beckoning civility rather than hostility on airwaves and other medium at disposal.

Moreover the bizarre caricaturing and typecasting is mirroring the sponsors’ personal image as well as characteristics depicting desperate times seeking desperate measures.

Besides bankrupting the U.S. economy with adverse impact on the world economy,

New World Order roadmap has only led to Death Valley with relentless wars without justification and at worst false premise resulting in horrendous loss of lives, carnage and destruction.

The latest circumvention on the mock CIA interrogation in the alleged U.S. elimination of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan is a formality refuting reality especially with CIA investigating CIA involvement.

Similarly the officials from Bush-Cheney administration currently deluding 9/11 facts in the corroboration are yet another attempts to deflect from the masqueraded truth behind the horrific homeland terrorism.

Across the Atlantic, the International Court of Justice issuing arrest warrant to Gaddafi is welcome and a refreshing course in dealing with the Libyan regime atrocity towards civilian population leading to mass graves.

However, concurrently declaring the Libyan dictatorship dismissal of ICC Warrant raises credibility factor in the development debilitating ICC power as the international judiciary against leadership demonstrably irresolute nonetheless portrayed otherwise.

Indeed a litmus test for the International Court of Justice used at NWO will – whether toppling Lebanon’s democratically elected government or rejecting the UN appointed Goldstone report on Israeli and Hamas war crimes following 2008 Israeli attack on Gaza.

Likewise in Egypt, the army rule under Supreme Council operating with substantial U.S. military aid is NWO direct implementation arguably reinstating authoritarian rule in the post Mubarak crackdown on peaceful civilian protesters.

The tradition to diminish republic empowerment is visibly vigorous threatening the functioning and emergence of democracy worldwide.

Reiterating the earlier call for universal dissent against New World Order – responsible for systemic abuse of power, wealth amassment, military aggression evolving into nuclear threats and above all,

Impunity to political establishment in the License to kill discretionary power without any moral or legal implications.

Notwithstanding gross human rights violation via torture, renditions, waterboarding, detainees without due process and,

Targeting certain ethnic minority in the civilian society with wiretapping, surveillance, harassment at the airport…under the guise of national security and Patriot Act.

Ironically the reverse surveillance and acute monitoring of these entities and their activities is pertinent for it would unequivocally save lives and protect humanity from potential disasters given the trajectory and refusal to submit evidences for public scrutiny.

The revelations could perhaps unveil real identity behind the unpatriotic decisions.

Whenever there are double standards exempting the explicit crimes from any investigation or accountability and,

Contrarily subjugating the transparent and honest demeanor,

It exemplifies the contemporary society’s regress to medieval period.

Persistence in this regard would be futile for all things must end in order to adapt to the evolutionary process.

Life and freedom suppressed in the so-called democracy governed by forces sworn to secrecy and discreet policies is hegemonic with serious ramifications in semblance to pre-World War II.

It’s time to renounce the parallel government – an overcast hindering bright sunshine effectively endangering life on the planet.

Hence it is incumbent upon the voices for democracy world over to galvanize in restoring liberty, opportunity and social equality for all.

People possess the power to promote progress in every aspect.  The dormant society is an easy access for dominance.

Please act now to end the pervasive violence, economic disparity, political upheavals and social injustice once and for all attributed to ‘classified’ and clandestine activities under New World Order.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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