National and International Crises Resolutions

October 27, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Participation in international summit, forum and problem solving would be meaningful upon ideas and solutions presented after rigorous thoughtfulness reflecting clarity and objectivity viewed in totality serving the greater good, rather than through the prism of slight and spite depreciating the purpose to prolong the status quo.

The hypocritical stance on abstinence vilified while the serious resolutions on numerous issues differed or discarded despite urgent action required to end immediate and decades old crises defines the contemporary political rudiments to uphold counterproductive policies in an effort to declare the position of authority.

Instead of accepting responsibility in the reluctance to move forward on statehood, legislation, corruption and myriad challenges confronting the global society predominantly due to lack of political will combined with polarizing measures entrenched in self-interest,

The scapegoat tactics to evade accountability is detrimental for political survival considering the polarity in maintaining power status but declining the consequences of inaction or inadequate remedies to manufactured crises.

Selective response to human plight exacerbates suffering raising credibility factor on global decision-making process.

Prioritization of one against another pronounces the differential treatment contradictory to economic aspirations in sustaining globalization.

Political, economic and social inequality anywhere is deterrent to long lasting progress elsewhere.

Global society preparedness to overcome calamity in any front is largely dependent on collective involvement with empathy exemplified in result-oriented commitments benefitting all.

Steady economy, safe environment and global peace are fundamental for co-existence in harmony.

United States – Tax reform, electoral reform, jobs bill, and Defense expenditure cuts are few of the many impending tasks requiring attention.

International Apart from European debt crisis – other significant matter are:

Palestinian statehood,

Extending unanimous support for oppressed and invaded nations’ independence,

United Nations Security Council temporary and permanent membership expansion,

Global WarmingKyoto Treaty ratification and implementing COP16 agreement,

IndiaAnti-corruption law – Passing Jan Lokpal bill

Independent inquiry and prosecution in the corruption scandals not excluding black money hoarding and national wealth embezzlements holding –

None above the law.

Concluding communal conflict  – Telangana in India and,

Confrontation with Maoists through peaceful dialogue and viable settlements,

Ending unpopular policy viz. AFSPA (Armed Forces with Special Power Act) obstructing peace in Jammu and Kashmir valley.

Government honoring public plea to shut down nuclear power plant protecting republic interest over foreign power and nuclear industry profit.

Perhaps addressing the outlined economic, political, social and environmental woes could alleviate the burden on the population at large,

Besides utilizing time and resources constructively in the austerity era to expedite the inevitable change premised on universal freedom and prosperity.

Hopefully political and economic leaderships would deliver the anticipated redress to all citizens in dire state.

It could begin with transcending partisanship in addition to profitability aimed at fair income distribution across the society.

Meanwhile, civil society movements like Occupy Wall Street, Anti-Corruption campaigns, Human right activists and environmentalists crusade to restore life and sovereignty deserves multilateral galvanization.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!  To People Power in the targeted goals.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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