Military Industrial Complex Profiteering from Wars

March 3, 2022

Military Industrial Complex Profiteering from Wars

Padmini Arhant

War is a racket designed to exhaust military hardware and stockpiles on the battleground usually targeting weak and vulnerable nations near and far.

The objectives behind warfare is lost cause delivering deaths and devastations on all sides with no winners except the profiteers making a killing from killing innocent civilians and defense personnel especially young men and women on both sides forced into offense and defense line of action. 

The defense contractors representing leading defense manufacturing sector with investors raking profits from bloodbath and bodybags unabashedly hire political authorities to conduct war games in territories primed and prepared with unrest and volatility serving as the premise for military invasion and occupation.

The head of the state primary role upon assuming office in the so-called democratic and non-democratic setting is chief sales executive to procure and supply weapons benefiting the military industrial complex and stakeholders – incognito wealthiest in the world. 

What do they care? 

After all they are lining their coffers at the ordinary lives expense. 

Why would they be concerned about fatal ramifications?

Whether in terms of loss of lives and/or the living for survivors affected in wars made impossible lasting over generations. 

Furthermore, waging wars expending military inventory requires replenishment for next round someplace else displaying fire power. The cyclical stockpiling and offloading continued with gluttonous greed having no limit. 

Peace and dialogue are too inconvenient and often carried out with the intended outcome to be a failure. 

Ironically, the incentives to promoters executing warfare with adeptness in producing massive casualties and refugee status are handsomely rewarded monetarily and in certain instances extraordinarily with Nobel Peace Prize in advance. 

The war games are played to appease the beneficiaries and satisfy political aspirations despite the well- recognized and understood aftermath of financial mayhem and economic downfall brought upon the nation and population in self-inflicted crisis. 

There is nothing to be proud of in engagement reeking violence and aggression claiming lives and demolition of infrastructure.  Human mind losing control over ill-will and surrender to folly leading to uninhibited catastrophe is not only inappropriate for the much touted manhood but also egregious in defining human value and worthiness. 

The end to military intervention in Ukraine and resuming humanitarian efforts to heal and revive the two nations – Ukraine and Russia is the only alternative and priority at all costs to save and protect lives that matter the most above any sales and profits from warfare. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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