Middle East – Nuclear Conference Helsinki, December 2012

November 27, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The Nuclear conference to be held in Helsinki, Finland in December 2012 is now cancelled with Israel declining to attend the important summit.

United States State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland announced on Friday, November 23, 2012 that United Sates would not support a conference in which any regional state would be subject to any pressure or isolation.

Common knowledge regarding U.S. statement is the circumvention that reserves endorsement for Israel’s defiance and contrarily economic sanctions on rivals characterized as ‘axis of evil.’

The U.S. position defending ally Israel’s refusal to participate in the meeting confirms the long withheld information on Israel’s nuclear status comprising anywhere between 200 to 400 nuclear warheads,

Notwithstanding the nuclear states – Israel and United States engagement in illegal invasion, occupation and military aggression in Middle East and around the world is a major concern for the rest of the world.

United States and Israel also being the non-signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty have used depleted uranium during warfare in Iraq and Gaza.

Considering U.S. and Israel conventional stockpiles including WMD such as biological, chemical and nuclear arsenal all of which has been arbitrarily used by the United States in twentieth and Israel in twenty first century,

The dangers from these two nations along with western as well as Gulf coalition, effectively the nuclear stockholders on United States behalf under NATO umbrella cannot be ignored for they are the existential threat to humanity at large.

Furthermore, Israel with United States regular veto of UN resolutions invariably remains above the law showing no regard for international peace accord, humanitarian law and human rights thus far.

The western trajectory led by United States and Israel representing hegemony maintains horrific crimes against humanity escalated in recent months necessitating the nuclear nations participation at the meeting conforming to universal standard.

Nuclear conference called off at United States behest evidently to prevent Israel from being subjected to international organizations verification.

Besides, the action indicative of U.S. and Israel maneuver to thwart other members’ recommendations for United States and Israel compliance with signatory requirement on Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Poignantly, similar initiative from Iran or any other U.S. and Israel adversary would have been dealt with severe response from western leaderships viz. the U.S. EU and hegemon representatives elsewhere.

Nuclear free zone is the only hope for containing turmoil in the polarized world with western authorities being the aggressors and the remaining nations having become the targets of unilateral military assault.

The western powers extensive use of deadly nuclear and biochemical agents not excluding hydrogen bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is precisely the reason to arrange nuclear consortiums to eliminate threat to mankind with surrender of nuclear inventory evaded in the so-called responsible and reckless classification.

The determination to prolong military operations through drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and West Africa killing thousands of unarmed civilians without forewarnings,

The proxy wars and arming terror networks witnessed in Libya and Syria,

Along side Israel experimenting defense capability with United States funded ammunitions on Palestinian or Sudanese population could no longer be tolerated with complacency when such interventions are responsible for immense suffering across the globe.

United States and Israel stance in the dismissal of collective responsibility towards nuclear disarmament promotes nuclear proliferation and conventional arms race claiming innocent lives by the hour.

As a result, western weapons industries flourish while people of all age groups perish in society – unfortunately the Islamic nations in particular pursued with genocidal motive.

United States unequivocal favoritism to Israel’s every unreasonable and unethical demands not only diminished Super Power syndrome but also seriously jeopardized credibility to be a reliable partner in resolving international crises.

Simultaneously, UN supposedly an international body has consistently defaulted in demonstrating fairness beginning with recognition of Palestinian statehood in semblance with UNGA vote in 1948 for establishment of the state of Israel.

UN abandoning humanitarian principles and guidelines rather than being a dependable neutral convener of international events with individual jurisdiction barring external negative influence for vested interests is a great hindrance to global security.

Likewise, UNSC a mere political tool for western powers to authorize economic and military warfare against nations declared dispensable regardless of dire consequences to vulnerable citizens in the respective domain enduring inhumane commercial, financial, technological and travel embargo.

The precedence set by Israel and United States is a continuous trend selectively protecting western nations and preferred members from isolationism that otherwise imposed on non-western states in the past and present.

Accordingly, the hypocritical decisions foment mistrust and frustration among genuine participants experiencing dilemma in the existing hierarchy.

The dysfunctional structure could be attributed to lack of accountability due to hegemony control over UN, UNSC, IAEA and ICC reflected in prejudiced indictments instead of fairness and equal treatment in international affairs.

Moreover, in the absence of pervasive application of international rule and adherence by all nations without exceptions the abuse of privileged statehood increasingly delegitimize UN, UNSC, IAEA and ICC role in dispute settlement.

UN organization and affiliates performance would be meaningful provided they are able to meet the marginalized and disenfranchised vast majority expectations challenging the unnecessary shadow powers interference exacerbating human plight.

UNGA function exceeding beyond membership formality linked with implementation of unanimous or overwhelming consensus like the vote on Cuba in lifting more than sixty years old economic restriction and,

Ending Israeli Palestinian conflict in acknowledgment of Palestine sovereignty and independence among several global issues would restore authenticity in international mediation.

Setting political partisanship aside, the nuclear and non-nuclear states consolidated efforts and sincere involvement would guarantee safety from nuclear and diverse weapons widely exchanged in the state sponsored terrorism and manufactured unrest on domestic and foreign soil.

The UN nuclear conference proceeding per schedule in Helsinki in December 2012 would prove the organization commitment to serve people across the spectrum transcending politics and ideology driven policies serving none, however adversely affecting all.

Observing international protocol in respect for other nations contributions would be honorable and professional other than utilizing opportunity to protect life and environment from precipitous extinction.

The revival of nuclear talks in December 2012 in Helsinki, Finland is a litmus test for the nuclear nations to come forward in solidarity to preserve the only habitat available for the current and future generation.

Wishing organizers success in resuming much anticipated nuclear discussion to sustain life on the planet.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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