Mexico – G20 Summit Los Cabos

June 19, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To world leaderships attending G20 Summit in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico.

The issues confronting humanity are far too many and viable solutions unfortunately not desirable for some major participants also happened to be primary contributors of problems leading to status quo.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” – reflected in the recipe not edible for preparers consumption nonetheless served as scrumptious feast in epic proportion.

G20 main focus on euro zone, Syria, nuclear talks with Iran and anti-missile defense are important.

However, shedding light on other political and military strategies attributed to humanity suffering equally relevant such as drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen evidently claimed more innocent lives and fomented terror recruitment facilitating perpetual warfare perhaps boosting defense industry, energy and finance sector stocks at the respective population bloodshed.

The underlying impact also suggestive of disregard for national sovereignty in the false presumption on territorial occupation to execute orders without prior consent or approval by targeted nations defense force or citizens victimized in arbitrary assault.

Pakistan and United States standoff arising from Salala incident involving NATO attack on 24 Pakistani soldiers with no formal apology that prompted military supply routes blockade and,

Pentagon haggling over transportation fee in this context masquerades undercurrents originated in closing down Shamsi Air base in Baluchistan used as drone launch center generating the perception of obstinacy overriding reason.

Furthermore, Abbottabad operation and reports on subsequent mockery of Pakistani national defense by U.S. Defense Secretary during visit to neighboring India confirm unsavory practices diminishing not only United States stature but also jeopardize negotiation on contentious matter.

The most aggravating of all being the regrettable aggression – apparently 800 civilians killed of whom 200 are children in the 300 drones launched by the current U.S. administration since assuming office slighting Pakistan request to cease mass execution.

Similarly in Afghanistan – U.S. and NATO invasion has produced civilian casualties at an alarming rate by far exceeding 9/11 figure with recent deaths of men, women and children in a wedding event clarifying aggressors disrespect for life excepting their own.

Yemen – under the pretext of hunting Al-Qaeda – created by U.S. intelligence to wage the so-called war on terror with no end in sight resonates pleas in semblance with Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Again reports on Yemeni journalist imprisoned at the present U.S. chief executive personal behest for exposing fallen prey comprising men, women and great number of children to U.S. air raid calls for serious introspection among those propagating regime change in Syria.

Notwithstanding Libyan death toll in the wake of U.S. led NATO bombings and mayhem thereafter.

Syria – The uprising transformed into foreign powers vs. the state confrontation with former determined to remove the latter from office by funding and arming militias is yet another expedition in direct violation of human rights and international law not to mention deliberate sabotage of envoy Kofi Annan peace proposal.

The roadmap for Syria cannot be drawn with foreign agenda to destabilize sovereign state and entire region ignoring self-inflicting irreversible consequences in the process.

Syrian turmoil redressable with violence cessation from all sides made possible upon mercenaries and rebels posing to be the opposition implicated in crimes against mainstream like kidnapping and collecting ransom…and other atrocities desist to allow UN monitoring as well as Syrian government adherence to public referendum on constitutional reform and Parliament formation per latest electoral mandate.

Time is running out for hegemony sponsored armed terror groups and external power players engaged in depriving Syria peace and political stability.

No ceasefire sustainable unless and until foreign hired factions expelled from Syrian soil and weapons confiscated to resume required humanitarian relief and international oversight.

Syrian authority now dealing with alleged suicide bombing threats exacerbates multidimensional challenges and agents behind these plots essentially precipitating disaster to befall on them in the otherwise containable situation.

State Legion precautionary measures prioritizing civilian protection and national territory could alleviate plight for citizens stranded in crossfire.

Syrian leadership deploying security personnel across the nation along with intelligence in detecting decoy and apprehension of groups endangering life should reduce widespread death and destruction.

Summarizing Syrian conflict – Western powers and allies retraction and complete termination of rebel firepower would expedite anticipated calmness paving way for constructive dialogue and necessary political transformation.

Egypt – The bizarre political stagnancy in the absence of functioning Parliament and legislative body emboldens U.S. backed military power viz. SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces).

Egypt electorate resistance to the return of Mubarak era or military and western operatives maneuvered fundamentalism are crucial for emancipation of the long oppressed society.

Youth participation and solidarity among all citizens regardless of faith and individual identity is paramount to depose authoritarianism from within and outside.

Egypt revolution maintaining energy and enthusiasm while pledged to peaceful and non-violent course to prevail in political goal would guarantee success.

Iran Nuclear Program – Reiterating the urgent need to lift sanctions and financial transaction impediments against Iran – preliminary step for breakthrough in the unnecessary tension caused by nations entrenched in double standards and least interested in global security.

Details on this topic will be presented in concurrence to Moscow summit…

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Anti-Missile Defense – Pervasive nuclear disarmament and abandoning controversial AMD besides dismantling NATO is no longer an option but a necessity for world peace and life survival.

Euro zone – Irrespective of Greece election results, the failing economies ripple effects across Europe is indomitable task for the federation with members seeking financial bailouts successively in the backdrop of vehement protest against austerity.

The bailouts with or without strings attached would ultimately be a burden on the economy that benefitted most from euro zone trade now expected to bear the costs given remaining union debt status and negative growth.

Shifting liabilities on to emerging economies tax payers with BRICS contribution of $75 billion to IMF and more on the way confirms the disadvantage of globalization enabling fundamentally flawed policies with no safety features or emergency rescue plan squeezing funds from sources not responsible for the crisis and profit sharing reserved among exclusive club members unwilling to accept responsibility.

Globalization touted as neo liberalization exerting authority for easy access to developing nations market largely exploiting resources and human capital widening gap between rich and poor.

Another inherent enemy in globalization for farmers, workers and main street vendors is Free Trade Agreement – rejected in nations due to detrimental outcome.

Likewise IMF, World Bank, ECB, EU, WTO, UN, UNSC, NATO and ICC – organizations and institutions formed post World War II severely lacking in credibility and legitimacy for not having served in interest of humanity at large and instead intensified political and economic woes spreading social injustice all around.

Public awakening to reality contemporarily curtailed with undemocratic tactics witnessed in peaceful assembly discarding first amendment rights and national constitution.

Political leaderships are obligatory to deliver campaign promises and fulfill constitutional oath to safeguard and improve lives across the spectrum contrary to existing hard line approach and apathy towards human misery emanating from obsolete and redundant remedy.

People power throughout history has triumphed in revolutionizing methods appropriate for human progress – a trend prevalent world over striving for liberty, economic prosperity and social equality.

Wishing imminent victory to all peace activists, environmentalists and political freedom fighters in their non-violent struggle.

Heads of the State are urged to exercise discernment and diligence in decision-making for greater good.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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