Message to Iman Al-Obeidi – Beacon Light of Libya

April 6, 2011

From: Padmini Arhant

Dear Iman Al-Obeidi,

Your courage and love for your country is witnessed with great admiration not to mention the attention around the world.

Please remember – your plight along with thousands of martyrs to free Libya will not be in vain.

Your ordeal is shared among the compassionate fellow humans across the globe and those responsible for innocent civilians suffering will be brought to justice.

More poignantly they will be ousted from power regardless of their maneuver to prolong oppression.

Injustice endured by you and other patriots serve as testimony to tolerance reflected in complacency and complicity to a large extent revealed in the latest developments.

Otherwise the request to shut down the communication media used by Muammar Gaddafi and servitudes for false propaganda would not have been slighted combined with expediting arrest warrant for trial in the International Criminal Court dismissed as ‘not interested in prosecution.’

Such reactions suggestive of the strong alliance between the so-called democratic powers and dictatorships for economic interests.

However the same actions were diligently carried out in toppling the democratic government in Lebanon demonstrating the U.S and allies’ discriminatory foreign policy.

People power can no longer be suppressed throughout the world on a wide range of issues.

As stated on numerous occasions – the governments run by the global empire are on the brink of collapse adversely affecting the dictatorial powers relying on false assurance.

Therefore the leaderships in the Middle East and elsewhere are reminded to refrain from use of violence and abuse against pro-democracy movement in the respective nations.

Furthermore they are also advised not to under estimate the revolutions’ resolve to prevail in the quest for political freedom and fairness in the society.

Muammar Gaddafi and loyalists too have daughters, sisters, wives and mother in their lives.

Yet the inhumane treatment of Iman Al-Obeidi and several young captives confirm the lack of respect for life particularly women targeted as inferior and vulnerable members by the tyrannical force and their supporters.

Iman Al-Obeidi and all other hostages’ immediate and unconditional release ending in family reunion are paramount to avert cataclysmic events for the authoritarian powers and descendants.

The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and family departure is quintessential to represent the meaningful political transformation and the western powers’ have an opportunity to prove their commitment in this regard beginning with Iman Al-Obeidi and many victims release from Gaddafi aides’ custody.

Hence the government under Muammar Gaddafi leadership has less than twenty-four hours to free the honorable daughter of Libya Iman Al-Obeidi and every other citizen held in detention.

Failure to act including external interventions as occurred previously would exacerbate the political crisis and the imminent fall of the defiant authorities.

Iman Al-Obeidi and other persecuted citizens are requested to remain strong for you will not only see the daylight,

Indeed cherished as the beacon light in Libyan liberation cause.

Peace to you and your family with a bright future on the horizon.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Padmini Arhant


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