Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Many celebrate Christmas rejoicing the birth of Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus epitomized God’s message to mankind espousing values such as compassion and equality.

The Lord’s sacrifice was not only to absolve humanity of their sins but also to direct them towards righteousness – the only path to redemption and salvation.

Considering the status quo with injustice, tyranny and violence inflicted upon innocent lives worldwide,

Human suffering attributed to abuse of power and excess greed in disobedience of inner conscience.

The pursuit of non-violence and peaceful discourse is the absolute and effective measure in resolving any crises confronting global society.

With religions exploited for exclusive gains, the forces behind distortion and defamation unfortunately promoting divisive policies including extremism resulting in violent clashes within society.

The reproachable conduct by those in position of authority even indulging in harmful practices contributing to unnecessary unrest rather than exercising rationality for common good.

For instance the controversial gun control debate in the United States emanating from tragic and appalling spate of shooting incidents deserves proper understanding and clarification to guide society in adopting pragmatic and balanced approach leading to desirable outcome – protecting lives in every respect.

To address any problem especially burgeoning issues threatening safety and security of citizens, determination of the cause, means and motives are important to establish sustainable system.

Society persistence in rejecting violence experienced not merely in national domain but throughout the world is the preliminary step followed by liberating political structure from massive vested interests influence could lead to relatively calm environment.

The mainstream media hypocrisy is pronounced in their selective empathy on situations related to loss of lives in the domestic front.

Meanwhile, the MSM role in advancing agenda through choreographed events on behalf of terror sponsors producing death and destruction also responsible for national crime escalation.

Since governments and their policies represent nations,

The public perception given the paradigm shift in governance reflected in concentration of power in the executive branch with congress rendered irrelevant and dysfunctional is fomenting fear and unwanted criminal behavior.

Moreover, certain segments in society emulate government in resistance to humanitarian benefit.

In this context – United States nuclear status declining Non-Proliferation Treaty or IAEA verification and conducting subcritical nuclear test in Nevada desert in December 2012 on the self-proclaimed responsible vs. reckless argument echoed in the gun discussion.

Similarly United States illegal wars with incriminating past and present justifying violence and violation of human rights significantly impact society.

Public scrutiny on government authorized ‘Fast and Furious’ program across the border to Mexico or arms shipment to Syria via Gulf allies Qatar, UAE and Turkey are required to terminate conventional arms race.

The economic sector aggressive lobbying usurps power and political leaderships loyalty to campaign financiers betray electorate and pass legislations detrimental to national progress.

National Rifles Association (NRA) – the prominent lobbyist for defense industry combined with gun owners citing second amendment possibly in deterrence to state authoritarianism is a dilemma in pervasive elimination of arms possession.

Further, handgun magazines and semi-automatic rifles sales reportedly surged on EBay and Walmart stores with global largest retailer apparent adherence to stock range comprising the lethal weapon used in Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy.

Reiterating the stance on this matter – stricter gun control laws banning assault weapons regardless of size and potential is long overdue.

Alongside institutionalized transparency and accountability with independent oversight on legislative, executive, judiciary and government agencies functions would allay legitimate concerns due to prevalent unconstitutional and undemocratic laws viz. Patriot Act, FISA, NDAA and harassment in national airports under false flag operation.

The increased government probes with surveillance drones and civil rights erosion evolving into martial law denying citizens legal process and subjecting them to military tribunal instead of civilian proceedings confirm departure from democracy.

Initially covert and lately overt assertion of authority exceeding normal standards primarily responsible for skyrocketing firearms sales not to mention the U.S. administration bizarre relaxation of rules allowing citizens to carry assault weapons in public transports like trains and areas viz. parks endanger life all around.

Restricting government activities to providing services besides law and order maintenance confined to democratic principles would mitigate growing mistrust against those elected to power and their misplaced priority.

Enforcing national and international arms embargo and complete nuclear disarmament is the permanent solution to global security and peace.

Elsewhere – Vatican with substantial followers of Christianity seeking moral guidance regrettably entrenched in secrecy is contradictory to Lord Jesus teachings on truthfulness and qualities defining human character.

Institutions and religious organizations bear greater responsibility in exemplifying as paragon of virtue.

Pope Benedict XVI ex-Butler Paolo Gabriele was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison for allegedly stealing papal documents and revealing them to Italian press.

The accused shared his genuine reasons commenting on ethical deterioration in the diocese.

Paolo Gabriele – the 46-year-old Vatican citizen and father of three children: reportedly stated:

“I was trying to save the church from ‘evil and corruption’ within it.”

According to latest report, Pope Benedict XVI granted ‘Christmas Pardon’ to the former employee.

However, Paolo Gabriele advised to leave Vatican with his family and denied employment in the city.

Religious occasions are a reminder to wholeheartedly accept and apply the doctrine in daily life for self-purification and enrichment.

Appreciation of Lord Jesus and venerable souls of other religions initiated with Almighty God’s blessings is best demonstrated in universal peace, love and harmony.

Wishing Merry Christmas and Felicitation to all religions in the joyous celebration of respective festivals in the year 2012!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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