Meritocracy in Politics

June 18, 2022

Meritocracy in Politics

Padmini Arhant

The contemporary dilemma in politics is acute deficit in caliber, credibility and capability with many marred in corruption and criminal legacy lead the country as the head of the state viz. President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and other key cabinet positions in the executive branch. The political opposition designated as such is again self-explanatory considering the excess baggage and quid pro quo with the ruling power. The deal is a secure insurance policy and amnesty for the polity.

Politics is run as exclusive membership in a private club with selection and rejection decided among internal and external groups exerting dominance in domestic and global affairs. The incognito power represented by conglomerate as secret society convened secret meetings in secret locations summoned Presidential, Chancellor, Prime Minister candidacies for approval in the so-called democracies seek loyalty and allegiance to forces behind subjugation of global population.

The global enterprise as the Western European World Economic Forum (WEF) initiating and promoting destructive economic policies or for that matter the western controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) and European Central Bank (ECB) etc. created and designed permanent debt traps forcing developing nations to resign to debt servicing with their population as collateral are predominantly aimed at enrichment and empowerment of 1% at the remaining 99% generational enslavement.

Not to mention the western exalted latest economic power China’s belt and road initiative (BRI) approached on massive infrastructure development conversely resulting in developing nations’ banana republic status is yet another economic detrimental dynamic.

So much for western aversion to communist system. The communist China with enormous military expansionism is the immediate challenge to any nation’s sovereignty and independence.

These activities are merely the glimpse of smoke screen power play reining control over nearly 8 billion human destiny.

The international consortium authorizing ascendency to power in politics customarily favor tainted and tarnished profiles as they are convenient to bend and mold directly submitting to foreign demands, threats and diktat.

The trend is then continued by the appointees as Prime Minister, President, Vice-President in choosing cabinet members for various portfolios thereby surrounding themselves with crony, corrupt and criminal background to serve each others’ interests.

The politics – you scratch my back and vice versa is widely practiced and prevalent in the name of democracy. The authoritarian settings pale in comparison to pseudo democracy exercising carte blanche authority on citizens life and economic survival with little or no respect and concerns for ordinary lives exploited to the core for feudalistic and fiduciary benefit.

The nation and citizenry under such leadership and governance is transformed into vassal statehood. The client state essentially satisfy oligarchy ambitions besides facilitating foreign economic and strategic goals.

Meanwhile the abuse of power in the domestic front by foreign appointees are granted political impunity with transparency and accountability oxymoron to politics.

The personal image enhancement and false glorification contradictory to ground reality are navigational tools to remain in power. However, the factual details clarify such leadership and government a puppet regime servile to domestic and foreign extortions.

Not to mention the servility and subservience in appeasement politics reflected in abstinence with lack of courage to vote explicit yes or no in the United Nations referendums and resolutions speak volume on status quo.

Amidst the embarrassing least qualified and ethically bankrupt representation at the helm executing policies with meritocracy as criteria to serve in the army or civil service is the tragic irony.

Meritocracy is valid and legitimate upon the requirement beginning at the top with proven established exemplary track record trickling to the bottom implemented as the cardinal rule for effective positive change in society.

The highest in the hierarchy exempted in this regard exemplify hypocrisy and monumental disaster analogous to the clueless captain of the ship sailing the rough seas adept at exacerbating crisis rather than containment.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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