Media & Press – Representing Corrupt Political Regimes

November 16, 2018


Media & Press – Representing

Corrupt Political Regimes

Padmini Arhant

When media and press become presstitute in colluding with corrupt political regimes destroying lives of ordinary people, the system erodes leaving the population entirely at political class mercy.

The political regimes committing crimes are never even acknowledged as criminals in power. Instead they are glorified with fraudulent attributes and false credits insulting human intelligence.

TamilNadu’s former Chief Minister Jayalalitha was responsible for mandatory alcoholism ruining thousands of families and causing many casualties with authority in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, India. Yet the spineless impotent news daily like Tamil Murasu in Singapore swear allegiance to criminal political establishments against ordinary citizens in Singapore and world over.

The film industry on their part is lock stock and barrel in that regard. Indian film industry much to self-destruction boasts misogyny viewing women as objects of voyeurism and lust. The sex-starved sadistic piranhas in film industry, politics and elsewhere obviously treat women in own family in that manner.  Not to mention condescendence and derogatory culture permeates in the medium besides news media promoting prejudice and reprehensible conduct without any shame or journalistic ethics.

The actions reflect precipitous decline in human values with global gangsta setting guidelines for crony contingency judiciously abiding kamikaze strategy.

Needless to say the outcome of such indulgence denying willful participants opportunity for belated regrets or remorse.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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