Massachusetts Special Elections – Senate Race Poll

January 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

In a shortwhile, the electorate in the great state of Massachusetts will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for the United States Senate representative.

This is no ordinary Senate representation, as the winner would replace the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the son of the nation’s most admired Kennedy family. The Kennedy’s generational service to the country is well known and particularly in the State of Massachusetts.

Since the contested Senate seat was previously represented by the United States’ most renowned and respected President John F. Kennedy followed by his youngest sibling Senator Edward M. Kennedy, it’s significant in terms of the Massachusetts electorate passing the torch to the ideal candidate now.

The choices are simple between the democratic candidate Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Attorney General and the republican candidate Scott Brown, MA State Senator with night and day distinction in their credentials, achievements, policies and future commitments.

When comparing the two candidates’ profile and their political agenda, the democratic candidate Martha Coakley is by far the intelligent choice based on the party representation, pragmatic disposition rather than ideological resignation and clarity on all national issues as opposed to delusional perception of the real challenges in the average citizens’ life.

Massachusetts being the seat of intellect in many respects need not be elaborated on the dire consequences of fortifying the Republican Party representation through the election of the State Senator Scott Brown to the United States Senate.

Despite being the minority, the Republican Congress members in both the House and the Senate have exhibited nothing but partisanship throughout the legislative process and prioritized politics over people with utter disregard for the national interest.

The majority of the Republican Congress members serve as proxies for the Wall Street that is predominantly responsible for the burgeoning financial, housing and the overall economic calamity.

To make matters worse, the candidate Scott Brown has sworn allegiance to that effect even prior to being elected to the national office.

It’s a dangerous precedence…the prevalent culture having brought the great country on its knees with the Republican Party rejecting progress for the people electing them to the public office.

Adding more members to such destructive force is oxymoron.

With respect to the policies that are critical to the Massachusetts electorate such as the economy, education, health care, energy, environment and international crisis, the Republican members’ consistent response has been grand standing instead of constructive thinking in resolving the monumental problems created by the Republican owned Bush-Cheney administration and the Republican Congress members.

Therefore, it’s incumbent on the democrat and independent including the disenchanted republican voters to cast their vote for substance and not style considering it’s a national senate race and not a “cosmopolitan,” fashion contest with millions of lives at stake in the Senate decision making process.

Democracy is a privilege in the contemporary world with an alarming population deprived of freedom that grants the voting right to elect a representative to the political office through free and fair election.

Squandering the rare yet cherished opportunity by electing a candidate like the State Senator Scott Brown whose voting decisions on national issues are lacking in diligence and vision would be a colossal failure in rationality.

Senator Scott Brown, not surprisingly has not offered any strategies desperately required for the expeditious economic recovery anticipated by the citizens in the state of Massachusetts and across the nation.

I stand by President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party including the Independent representatives in the Congress and urge the Massachusetts electorate to go to the polls in record numbers and cast their ballot in favor of the Attorney General Martha Coakley and grant the candidate a decisive victory appropriately fitting the departed long-term Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s political image.

Massachusetts is a blue state and cannot afford to become the red state signifying the danger zone.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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