Life Matter

July 29, 2020

Life Matter 

Padmini Arhant

Loss of life anywhere amongst anyone is painful for survivors and dependents of the deceased in any situation. 

However, the stark discrimination in response to tragedies ranging from hyperbole to static flatline fashioned as the trend. 

India’s media house and politics’ expansive empathy and extensive coverage on the demise of big screen actors under any circumstances i.e. natural or unnatural situation in entertainment industry is extravagant. 

The political stunt during these events bidding farewell to movie stars adorned in national flag with state honor is mockery of the national symbol – the flag representing the freedom struggle involving true patriots and freedom fighters trivialized in such display and misuse of national identity. The celebrity mania idolizing performers in film and sports industry is a cult aggrandizing glitz, glamor and pseudo society. 

Juxtaposed, ordinary citizens who effectively are extraordinary as farmers, soldiers and labor force constituting the engine of economy and guardian angels respectively with armed personnel patrolling national borders in extreme conditions facing enemy aggression are nothing more than statistics for politics and politics run media enterprise, press corps and social media in the so-called world’s largest democracy.

The farmers, the segment toiling under blazing sun and torrential rain to satisfy population hunger driven into suicide due to governments policy or the lack thereof depriving agriculture sector in many fronts is not the topic of national interest. 

Similarly, the domestic migrant labor force ignored leaving them to fend for themselves at the pandemic onset resulting in hundreds of workers and their families deaths from starvation, exhaustion during their arduous return back home by foot amid transportation freeze in lockdown and inadequate assistance to cope with corona virus not recognized as serious negligence by political authority.

Last but not the least, the front line brave hearts as national defense force, the real heroes laying their precious lives in the treacherous terrain in Ladakh and violence gripped borders again fall in the routine casualty category or collateral damage to political power in the national and state capital, diverse media and other members in the exclusive club. 

While there is cantankerous call and clamor seeking justice for deceased Bollywood actor, the farmers, workers and foot soldiers preventable loss of lives barely noticed and debated in the 24/7 news coverage and network operation filling time with reruns on entertainment sector related gossips and gutter politics. 

Tej Bahadur Yadav, the former border security force (BSF) personnel and political contender challenging incumbent PM Narendra Modi in Varanasi, U.P. was eliminated from national election in May 2019.

The violent threats on ex-BSF soldier’s life along with family of whom he lost his only offspring, the twenty-one-year -old son being unable to bear government and media harassment for his father’s role as whistleblower shedding light on corruption compelled into suicide. The ruling authorities efforts to bribe the ex-army serviceman which he declined per public disclosure during his press briefing highlighted the political cartography and cartel mentality. Again such incidents somehow did not arouse media sentiment demanding justice witnessed in Bollywood actors mortality.

Like everything else, apparently justice not meant for all and deemed discretionary to suit political authorities whims and fancies notwithstanding media frenzy sensationalizing anything associated with entertainment industry.

Life matter. The farmer forced into suicide and a soldier dying in the high altitude in an attempt to make enemy retreat along the line of actual control (LAC) as well as the laborer collapsing on the highway from dehydration and hunger merit national focus holding politics and relevant authorities accountable for conspicuous lapses and consistent failures in addressing underlying problems and ongoing crises that could otherwise save lives besides exemplifying fairness and equality in honoring life of all individuals in society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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