Life Lessons

May 2, 2022

Life Lessons

Padmini Arhant

No matter whom or what you ignore in life, never ignore these three imperatives in life. 

1. Body – Always listen to your body. Your body is the best indicator and reminder of overall well being or otherwise. Ignoring the signals from external and internal body parts all inclusive – more so from the gut, bladder and importantly stomach i.e. the digestive tract would land anyone in big trouble. The gut feeling expression emanating from the gut reaction to anything consumed solid or liquid simply cannot be taken for granted any time around.

2. Conscience – Human mind is wayward. The contemporary settings and events are classic examples in this respect. Accordingly, ignoring inner conscience – the principal guide, mentor and above all key witness to human thoughts and actions triggered by mind is the primary cause of human misery and suffering.  The abusive behavior, narcissism, dominance, deceit, deception, lies, betrayal, prejudice, hatred and variety of negativity is a result of human mind rejection of inner conscience. 

3. Guilt Last but not the least – Guilt. None are infallible and neither picture perfect. Never mind the engagement against their target subject to constant mockery, insolence and indignation as they strive and struggle to perform to the gallery. Interestingly, it is done for a living adequately defining them in character, values and aptitude or the lack thereof.

Mud slinging is favorite indulgence disregarding swamp on self in the process. Yet recognition of own mistakes and accepting responsibility for actions and consequences is a tall order for them sworn to denial.

The trait is common among those engaged in violation of others rights and life in perpetuity. Such conduct often prompt them to discard guilt.  In doing so, they end up being the prisoner of guilt in living and beyond.


The fearless, bold and razor sharp  – Padmini Arhant

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