Libyan Revolution Gain Momentum Against Muammar Gaddafi

March 2, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The solidarity movement across Libya along with defectors from the Libyan armed forces should move forward to confiscate the weapons used by Muammar Gaddafi against unarmed civilians.

All those loyalists serving the dictator Muammar Gaddafi must understand that any individual unleashing indiscriminate tyranny on own nationals including the army personnel is not going to spare them.

It is a matter of time those hired by the tyrant Gaddafi would be disposed in the same manner as the brave soldiers gunned down for their valor.

One who takes the sword will fall by the edge of the sword.

Therefore the mercenaries, henchmen, security personnel and all staff members enslaved by Muammar Gaddafi and generation must lay down their ammunitions to join the peaceful revolution in ousting the ruthless totalitarian regime.

You are paid to kill men, women and children tainting your hands with blood so that Gaddafi and family could continue to wreak havoc on your fellow citizens not excluding your family and relatives.

Are you prepared to slay them for the most brutal and selfish authoritarian ruler who has amassed wealth worth $30 billion in disclosed assets not barring the undisclosed value leaving the rest of you in abject poverty?

Ask yourselves – Why should you sacrifice your life and willfully submit to slavery to a puppet leader following orders from powerful sources focused on direct control of Libya’s oil?

You need to rise against the traitor Muammar Gaddafi emboldened by the evil empire with vested interests.

The situation is no different from Egypt when the visibly shaken counterpart Hosni Mubarak was encouraged behind the scenes to remain resilient against the popular uprising despite the then President desperately seeking an exit with the statement –

“I am fed up of being Egypt’s President and I want to quit now.”

Likewise Muammar Gaddafi widely known to be acquaphobic, hypochondriac, manic-depressive…having obeyed on the nuclear program abandonment and Lockerbie settlement somehow not amenable to the Libyan citizens’ unanimous call for dismissal proves the dictator’s misplaced loyalty legitimizing the imminent displacement.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi during the state television broadcast cited the U.S. and European powers’ disapproval of the Libyan revolution demand for Gaddafi resignation.

Subsequently the case presented through U.S. media on Saif al-Islam’s attempt for political change since the heir apparent was the oligarchy preference to lead Libya.

Meanwhile, the dangerous developments contradictory to the humanitarian operation pose the relevant question to the United States and Western powers.

What is the precise strategy behind the U.S. air force and naval ships positioned near Libya?

If the purpose is to intimidate the debilitated leader otherwise portrayed as ‘calm and relaxed’ by the mainstream media, then the United States military exercise could be futile considering –

The U.S legacy in coup d’états in Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa vigorously pursued until today.

The latest U.S. interventions in the successful destabilization and removal of the democratically elected governments in Haiti (early 1990 todate), Honduras and Lebanon in 2009 and 2010 without U.S. military involvement serve as examples.

United States, United Nations, NATO and European Union policy with respect to Libya and Middle East restricted to humanitarian relief avoiding military aggression at all levels would clarify the democratic nations’ positive intentions in promoting democracy.

On implementing “No Fly Zone” – certain media anchors and analysts as the political establishment’s representatives in defending the U.S. and allies’ reluctance and procrastination having claimed many innocent lives ignore the fact that there appeared to be no such problems whatsoever during the swift introduction of ‘No Fly Zone’ against Iraq.

United States unilateral decision then had become the unanimous consensus not only in that regard but also in the recent U.S. veto of Arab resolution on Jewish settlements and toppling Lebanon government.

Therefore the notion that United States’ initiative would not suffice in the humanitarian matter is diminishing the U.S. status proved wrong in UNSC resolutions through US vetoes prolonging political crises with no hope for fair and balanced outcome.

Now the U.S. militaristic stance comprising the Libyan air defense base bombing reportedly considered in order to impose the ‘No Fly Zone’ would be belligerent and counterproductive due to the obvious destruction of the national installation especially when peaceful options are available for such engagement.

U.S. and western powers role in Libya, Middle East and around the world would be beneficial as peacemakers and not aggressors exemplified in honoring the local population efforts for democratic reform and the natives ability in nation building.

Libyan revolution must resist and decline any proposals to arm them in the peaceful and non-violent political struggle.

An eye for an eye will only make the nation go blind and the ill-conceived strategy is to instigate civil war with arms supply flourishing into the territory discarding the primary target – i.e. eliminating Muammar Gaddafi and family from power.

Hence it is crucial for the Libyan revolution to be persistent and gain momentum in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi and the clan.

Please do not relent or heed to violence designed to deter revolution progress.

In the environment debating on political correctness often based on convenience – the reference to pro-democracy seekers as ‘rebels’ by the media in the democratic societies is oxymoron and beckons their attention for appropriate characterization of the dictatorship and the backers as ‘murderers’ and ‘assassins’ depicting the reality.

Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia…and all others oppressed over decades can no longer tolerate injustice and must end the repressive era for a new beginning.

Good Luck! To fellow citizens in Libya, Middle East and around the world for a peaceful political liberation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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