Libyan Revolution Commitment to Liberation

March 7, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Despite Gaddafi backers’ aerial attacks and bombings the revolution is determined to pursue the path to liberation.

The pro-Gaddafi assault against innocent civilians is the trend since the uprising began on February 17, 2011.

Muammar Gaddafi and clan’s persistence to remain in power is challenged with the citizens’ resistance regardless of massive bloodshed in the brutal onslaught to prove defiance.

Although the dictatorship’s cowardly act has caused loss of lives, it cannot deter the repressive regime’s inevitable termination.

Libyan revolutionaries have displayed remarkable fortitude in standing up to the military might and artillery shelling intensified as the Gaddafi rule is decimated in eastern Libya while gaining momentum in the west even though the false propaganda staged to convince the forces behind authoritarianism that they are in control of the situation.

Thousand lies and deceptive tactics cannot stall the imminent demise of the oppressive power having wreaked havoc with no respect for life.

History is testimony to the crumbling empires and belligerence defeated by peace initially discarded as weak and vulnerable only to be discovered otherwise.

Libyan freedom fighters should march forward and escalate the demand for Muammar Gaddafi and associates to quit immediately or face the consequences of public trial in the crimes against humanity.

The loyalists and mercenaries share responsibility in the horrendous killings witnessed throughout the political unrest for their inhumane and immoral conduct.

Every Libyan joining the revolution to oust the autocratic governance would pose a formidable threat to the declining leadership debilitated from inside and externally relying on weaponry to quell dissent.

Nonetheless the brave revolution must maintain high spirits and continue to make progress for the perpetrators are destined to succumb to their violence and diabolical means in the unequivocal victory to people power.

It is utterly important to seize ammunitions from every possible location given the firepower used in the confrontation.

Meanwhile in Benghazi – the transitionary council headed by the former Justice Minister with ex-diplomats and envoys is a commendable preliminary step towards formal government establishment and the international recognition of the interim council would further expedite Muammar Gaddafi expulsion.

In the absence of ‘No Fly Zone’ implementation due to US, NATO and UNSC reluctance in executing the crucial measure – Gaddafi terror is heightened with mounting casualties not to mention the inaction emboldening the despotic leadership.

It is poignant to reminisce the post 9/11 action when the former President George W. Bush posed the question to the international community in seeking coalition.

“”Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Somehow there appears to be no such urgency in the response to humanitarian crisis involving civilian massacre.

Besides the unusually prolonged deliberation at the sacrifice of civilian population is disturbing to say the least and justifies valid explanation in this regard.

The reasons provided thus far to coalesce multilateral consensus as a difficult task does not bode well considering the recent swift decisions on issues such as vetoes in the Jewish settlements or Iranian nuclear threat in the region.

As stated earlier discriminatory policies in political resolution would only discredit the powerful authorities status and ability to be a reliable source in the popular uprising for democratic rule.

Indeed a travesty for any democracy to choose to remain a silent spectator rather than coordinating efforts on the periphery with the victims targeted from air attacks.

Libyan pro-democracy movement is urged to continue the relentless march towards Tripoli and gallantly claim the political rights and individual liberty long denied by the dictatorial power.

Please remember that you drove the evil from eastern Libya and now you can do in the west ultimately conquering the capital, Tripoli.

Nothing can stop you from becoming democratic for the Dark Age is nearing end along with the representatives.

Good Luck! To fellow citizens in Libya for a phenomenal success towards republic rule.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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